How to use Archibald Genoa – Triangle Strategic Unit Guide

Units in the triangle strategy are built differently. Each of them has unique skills, the benefits of the terrain and a variety of applications depending on the situation. Some units work better with others. Others are excellent for Pharma coins or items, but they should not be used for battles on the main scene.

In this guide, we will teach you to use Archibald one of the former ministers of Khizante.

Triangle Strategy COMPLETE Unit Guide - All Recruitments, Skills and Weapon Trees Explained!


Archibald is sniper . The best way to use it is to place it on a very high rock and make it shoot from afar. He causes more damage further he from the enemy and his spectrum very far. His movement and jump is low, so you may need such units like Kuahug or a lightning quietus to put it in place on some maps.

We strongly recommend that you do not use any archibald skills, but instead give him Obsidian bracelet Accessory that increases the power of its attacks, but does not allow it to generate TP. He has a passive, which in any case increases the range of its usual attacks per unit. So in fact, ordinary attacks are the way.

Promotions and updates

Arrange priorities Weapons Power , Accuracy and Speed ​​ For Archibald. In Weapons of the third rank , there is an improvement, which (further) will increase its normal attack distance. If you connect it with Ezana, which can cause a storm, you can also unlock Busty winds update in the first row.

In the elite class, it can sometimes kill the enemy with HP below 50%.

Its successfulness is quite low, so there is no need to unlock the critical improvement to the very end. Insetad in its power. In fact, in addition to the obsidian foot bracelet, you will need a power bracelet or a breakdown in order to benefit from its initially high attack.

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