Wow: Dangerous Nathrezim Spies

In the mausoleum of the first, the grand finale of WoW: Shadowlands plays off. The new battleship not only offers challenging boss fights, but also scores with a lot of cool stories. This includes, for example, the rings around the soul of Anduin Wrynn, which frees himself in the mausoleum of the yoke of the chairman, and the story around the large plan of Zovaal . In the whole hustle and bustle around the chairman, an exciting lore puzzle part went under. Finally, Blizzard releases a mystery in the lords of horror and reveals what the Nathrezim Mal’Ganis and Kin’tessa have driven in the past few years.

The horror lords have made a name for themselves in the warcraft history, especially as ranted demons of the burning legion. In Shadowlands, however, we learn that Nathrezim are the children of Count Denathrius , which he had created in Veregel in Revendreth for his image. Since then, the horror lords influence the skips of the cosmos. They have poisoned the prophecies of the emptiness with their own lies, allied with the powers of chaos and the Pantheon of Titans.

Not even the army of light is safe in front of the horror lords. And in the Ardenwald, the rich of the winter queen, the spies of Nathrezim are just waiting for it. If you want to know more about the machinations of the horror lords, then flops in the pages of the book enemy infiltration – Foreword . The diary can be found in Revendreth in sins (in the tower tip of the unseen guests).

The ANCIENT Dreadlord Scheme Revealed: Sargeras Was FOOLED, And We Were Too!

Il’gynoth and the old God N’zoth had already warned us in Wow: Legion and Battle for Azeroth in front of the Schreckenslords. “The torn knees in front of six masters, but they serve only one” is a prophecy that makes sense only together with the information from the diary. The “cracked” are the Nathrezim, who have underwent all cosmic domains, but they serve only a master.

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In Shadowlands, the Nathrezim work together with the Chairman. They have discovered Korthia and maneuvering the floating island to the edge of the Schlund. The Chairman, however, is just another character in her great cosmic game. Her true master is Count Denathrius, who persecuted his own plans in Shadowlands .

Through the cursed runeblade frostgram, arthas got into the catches of the Lichk√∂nig. After the Prince Mal’ganis prepared an end in northend, lacked the horror lord for a long time every trace. Source: Blizzard The horror lords are constantly at the center of WOW as intriguers. The big surprise is that we not only meet on hitherto unknown Nathrezim, like Kin’tessa, but also on the mighty horror murder Mal’Ganis. As a reminder: Mal’ganis was the leader of the Nathrezim in Warcraft 3. He was responsible for the plague in Stratholme and he lured Prince Arthas to Northend (you can eradicate the story in the Wotlk Dungeon of Stratholme).

The Nathrezim are the masters of the betrayer and they love nasty intrigue. No other Schreckenslord masters his craft as well as Mal’Ganis. In the fight for Korthia, we learn that the rebellion of the Venthyr and the battle in Nathria Schloss only served to distract from the machinations of Nathrezim. Mal’Ganis freed Count Denathrius from his Lichtkerker in Revendreth, while the horror lord lady Kin’tessa runs over our heroes in Korthia at the nose and ensures that we lead them to the fate writer raw-kalo. But these are still not all the machinations of the horror lords…

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