Nintendo Switch Dungeon RPG “Mono Yu” is only 100 yen now. 98% off hit selling

Experience is March 15, “ Keep a strong sword or armor. Become strong without giving up or giving up. The Hero Corps believes in the day to defeat the devil. “(hereinafter referred to as Kamu Yu) ‘s sale was started at Nintendo E-Shop. The same work of the fixed price 5480 yen is now available for 100 yen. As long as you see the notation of Nintendo E shop, the sale seems to last until 23:59 on March 24.

“Mono Yu” is 3D dungeon RPG. It was released in July 2021 at Nintendo Switch. A long-established dungeon RPG manufacturer’s experience has been developed and sold out, with a “Hiken of the Street of the Sword”, “Hosen Road Khwa”, and “Demon Gaze”. Players make friends with friends and form their own brave corps. In order to defeat the devil to destroy the world, challenge to the back of the dungeon.

Character design is in charge of Mota, which was also involved in design such as “Sevente Dragon”. In addition to becoming a dungeon RPG that has been alerted by the X-How of the Experience, there are more pop elements, including long title names. In addition, there is also a proprietary element such as an evaluation system that examines the capture of each labyrinth.

“Mon Yu” has won a constant evaluation as 3D dungeon RPG after release, but also complained to the adjustment surface, including the Sibia of the above evaluation system. Experience supports those voices. We have promoted improvement by update, such as reviewing the evaluation system significantly. And at this timing over 8 months from the release, it seems to carry out quite bold sale.

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As the quality as dungeon RPG is high enough to work, it will be satisfied if it gets 100 yen. If you like the game, you may want to buy a paid DLC port rate set. “Mono Yu” is on sale for 100 yen until 23:59 for March 24.

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