DFL rejects request: Dusseldorf has to play

Buntut Laga Kontroversi vs Farmel FC, Persikota Kena Sanksi dari PSSI
“Officially: DFL has not granted our application for game laying. The game takes place at the SC Paderborn,” the club tweeted on Saturday morning. Düsseldorf had tried a large corona break off to cancel the game. Currently are with Lex-Tyger Lobinger, Leonardo Kootris, Nicolas Gavory, Robert Bolzanik, Marcel Sobottka, Dennis Gorka, Matthias Zimmermann, Andre Hoffmann, Christoph Klarer, Thomas Pledl, Kristoffer Peterson, Rouwen Henning, Daniel Ginczek and Jordy de Wijs 14 license players. According to DFL playing order, at least 16 among license players and / or the license team to be amateur amateurs / contract players must be available. It seems like it was probably on a single Düsseldorf player. The team in Paderborn is supervised by co-trainer Jan Hoepner, as Chef coach Daniel Thiune was also positive.

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