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Today March 10 The Mar10 Day, is officially celebrated to commemorate the beloved red plumber that has accompanied us in many adventures throughout the history of Nintendo . Everyone has its own ways to celebrate it, and Jaime “The Bronco” Rodríguez, Ex-Governor of Nuevo León , found a lot… peculiar, who has caused many laughter between the community.

For a couple of years, Bronco has used video games as another way to connect with your audience, and even has its own twitch channel where you can transmit games like Call of Duty, Pokémon, League of Legends , and more. But now for the Mar10 Day , the ex-ruler decided to make a photomontage where he replaced the face of Shigeru Miyamoto for his and shared it on the Facebook of him. **

The Bronco accompanied this photo with a message where he asks his followers “to invite him to the challenges of Mario Carreras or the new Mario Strikers”, so if you do not have to play any of these two titles, you know to Who to invite.


Editor’s Note: Maybe we’ll see it as a joke, but this type of campaigns does not only for fun. In fact, publications of this type usually have a much greater scope than any other policy related, and could result as a very good strategy especially to connect with younger audiences.

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