Review: WWE 2K22 (PS5) – A return-fit for the 2K Wrestling franchise

WWE 2K22 is a better game than WWE 2K20. That’s the title. For various reasons, 2k20 came out in such a disastrous state that we called it “a title of comic horror” in our criticism at the time. Updated the value of the WWE license for them, 2K and the besieged developer Visual Concepts have made the courageous decision to jump completely WWE 2K21, before repelling the output of 2K22 of several months. The result is a title that is a welcome background, with important gameplay adjustments and virtually full of content – almost wrong. So what’s up?

Much of WWE 2K22 pre-release marketing boasted its “reded engine”, and they did not feel. Certainly, the bar fixed by WWE 2K20 was so low that the font would be called if it had fallen in one way or another, but we are delighted to say that everything really works now! The menus are more elegant and faster, a new lighting engine and the wrestler models give life to the most beautiful entrances and the action of grappling that we have seen from this series so far, and the ocular globes, the Haircuts and matching members are all where they are supposed to be with very few visual bugs in sight. We have seen some accidents and the cheeks of our personalized wrestler used to cut through his mask during myrise cinematics, but there is no doubt that 2K22 has significantly improved his game.

Speaking of this, WWE 2K22 really strives to be more accessible. There are a multitude of proposed modes – no doubt too many – and coach Gulak (the active superstar of the WWE Drew Gulak) is at your disposal to guide you through all the changes, including the new commands of the game. Complex combinations of triggers, straight joystick shots and facial buttons came out, and combos combat game style are in place. Square and Cross make you respectively light and heavy attacks, with circle being grapple. Hit Square four times and you will get a light combo, hit Square three times and finish with Circle will hit a different combo, and so on. All available combos are visible at any time in the pause menu, allowing newcomers – see: Mashers of Buttons – to get along relatively easily in action.

Advanced maneuvers are of course also achievable. From a plug position, you can press Square or Cross to make a light or heavy movement, and press Circle again that Irish Whip (will launch) your victim in a certain direction. You can also combine shoulder buttons and face buttons to try springboard, signing and finishing movements, and for the very first time you can even dodge.

In a daring addition to the redesign of the 2K22 orders, not only triangle will allow you to counter the attack when you are prompted, but keep it will block the incoming strikes, and R1 will make you dodge or roll on one side. You can even try to guess the combo of your opponent and repel it first pressing this button, “BRACKE” its combo and resuming control. It’s a good idea, but in the light of the action, we found a much more effective wait just a reversal prompt, relegating the importance of these additions. Fortunately, however, welcome changes have been made to the mini-games of submission and launch of pins before difficult, although the first seems almost too easy.

Myrise is the version of WWE 2K22 of what was preferred by MyCareer, allowing you to live a male or female career at the WWE. You will start by creating your own superstar, select a sports course and start your trip to glory and fortune at the WWE Performance Center. Although it launches you with a reduced customizer so you can get stuck in the action, it did not take long before we can see the improvements made as a result of creation.

And that is to say they have removed the booty packs. A huge obstacle to the creation of the superstar / abomination of your dreams in the previous games was the confusing decision to lock the majority of the customizable content of the game (clothes, hairstyles, barbs, movements, entrances and entrance music) behind the currency Game and booty packs. Fortunately, this decision has now been canceled. While some objects are rewards for achieving certain objectives in specific modes, the excellent creation of WWE 2K20 has finally been launched. Except, you know, without a beard that makes the game plant.

Adonis / Monster trailer, you will take stories by interacting with the different people you will meet around the places at your disposal, and social media play a huge role in this regard. Displaying your social media flow will display other Superstars messages, and if you choose to hire, you will go to the ring soon to set the score. The quality of these stories is, however, extremely incoherent. Some have cinematics and last four or five games, while others may ask you to beat a wrestler who has denigrated someone’s podcast, as a message of excuses on social networks. Even the choice to play as a face / heel (good guy / naughty) can be modified at will via a DM with your managing director.

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Excessive loading times make these stories even more difficult to hold. Overall, WWE 2K22 seems to be charging quite quickly, but with MyRise putting mainly personalized artists, the unfolding of the game is often as follows: Consult the social media, accept a story, load for 15 seconds, make a match At low consequence, load for another 15 seconds, then start again. The greatest stories in which you challenge for the championships are naturally much more engaging, but so many speeches are held on social networks that can sometimes seem tedious.

Another problem is to take the same faces again and again. The three brands of NXT, SmackDown and Raw are all available, and you will pass from one to the other as Myrise progresses, but with artists also distributing each other, you will soon tire of you hear the entrance to Raul Mendoza. music, and it is still part of the company! You see, the WWE has released a record number of superstars from their contracts over the long development of WWE 2K22, and about 30 important lists of games are no longer in active competition. All this to say that there are brilliant moments in Myrise, but it looks a lot more like a promising basis to repeat in other versions, than a fully realized career mode.

The flagship showcase mode returns this year, featuring the career of the star of the cover and the legendary Luchador Rey Mysterio. As for the previous incarnations of Showcase mode, many of Rey’s most important games, and one or two doubtful, are recreated in the engine. You will receive prompts in the corner of the screen to perform specific spots and movements, depending on the match on which it is based, with cinematics in the game periodically taking the relay and transparently transforming into real images of These games. It’s a simple concept, and goals can sometimes be a little obtuse, but the presentation is everything here, and Visual Concepts has nailed it.

The whole thing is presented as a playable documentary, with a telling head of Rey himself describing his career in depth. Indeed, during the games themselves, Rey tells the debates at key moments, with deleted comments and a cinematographic soundtrack added for more effect. The result is a fantastic trip, although a bit short, through a career as a professional wrestler rich in history. The production values ​​here are much higher than in any other mode, and it is worth being experienced for this reason alone.

A new addition to WWE 2K22 is myfaction. When we have heard about this for the first time, we thought it could be an experience based on a story where you meet your own team of superstars to challenge the power of legendary factions such as DX or NWO. We are sure you can appreciate our consternation, however, when we discovered that myfaction is, in fact, a card game. There is nothing wrong with a card game, and EA has led to its FIFA Ultimate Team fashionable with fans that flock each year. It is clearly clear in this case, however, that 2k want some of this cake.

You will start with free card packs and can buy more using the game or premium currency, with the quality of diamond bronze cards. By assigning four male superstars, four female superstars and a manager to your team, you can participate in various games and challenges to win additional cards, currencies and other rewards. It also comes with all the bells and whistles of your standard card game rate, with daily connection bonuses, cosmetic cards and bonuses. We are sure that it will find its audience, but for us, myfaction felt completely moved, like a mobile game that had lost. It can be in good place in the main menu, but we would be surprised if most players glanced there.

It’s now time to talk about MyGM – do you see what we mean by the fact that the game was a little overloaded? This preferred fans mode has not been seen from WWE SmackDown vs RAW 2008, but it may not be returning to glory that most players claim. By selecting a general manager and a brand, you are in charge of directing the show. The drafting of your desired superstars and their satisfaction, booking matches, promotions and breakdowers to coordinate the size of your room, from the experience of the scenes team, and more, your goal Ultimate being to win the odds war, achieving the objectives of the Commissioner and respect the budget.

But that’s where the problem lies: unlike previous GM modes, you do not quite the same level of control and your race is not indefinite. Instead, you will play against the IA or a human opponent for a definite period of time, with a selected winner at the end of your race. The Minutie of Daily Management is still quite engaging, with options to sign fictitious free agents really absurd being a personal highlight, but we think it would have done…

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