MultiPlayer of Acetin Director for Halo Infinite Pier

After announcing that Halo Infinite co-op campaign had returned again, the bad news is followed for the fans of the game of 343 industries. On this occasion, it was released that Andrew Witts, Who was the director of the multiplayer within the study, has abandoned his position.

The news was shared by Witts through the social networks of him, where he published the following:

“Today was my last day at 343 Industries. It has been an honor leading the multiplayer design team these years. Thanks to all halo fans for their feedback over the years. We did this game for you.

I’ll take a while to relax and recharge, but I get excited what comes next. “

At the time of writing, 343 Industries has not yet been pronounced or have not said who will be responsible for replacing it. Hopefully this will not have strong repercussions for the future of _ halo infinite. _

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Editor’s note: I think Halo Infinite had to have delayed again so that this will not happen. The waiting time between each update is impinging the players, and we have already seen the kind of consequences that this can have.

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