Life SLG “Most” Life SLG “Most” new trial version is released in March- “Steam Next Festival”.

Thermite Games announced that U.Ground Game Studio will work on a new trial version of “ (NOBODY-TURNAROUND)”.

This work works on the real world, and the main character, which is a human being, who is neither a “majority”, which is not a person is similar to the real world, the work of overcoming a dexterity such as debt. Managing the quality of life of the protagonist While managing various works and mini games, it is a work that must be survived while earning money.

In the “Steam Next Festival” held in February, the trial version is delivered (play report here) to achieve a 11 million download during the period. At that time, a wish list registration was 660,000, and it promised to deliver a new trial version when the number of work followed by 106,000.

MOST ANTICIPATED NEW STRATEGY GAMES 2022 (Real Time Strategy, 4X & Turn Based Strategy Games)
The new trial version delivered extends the area that can be played more than the Next Festival. The new area is a variety of vital facilities than ever before. The release date of the formal trial version is “announced soon”.

“NOBODY-The Turnaround” is scheduled to be released within 2022.

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