The Nintendo Eshop in Russia enters “Temporary Maintenance”: Suspended Shopping

Nintendo hNintendo Eshop suspended Any attempt to purchNintendo Eshope at The Eshop of Nintendo Switch in Russia . The hybrid console digital store is shown in “Maintenance mode” in the Russian country, whose Russian army led by Vladimir Putin is immersed in the invNintendo Eshopion of Ukraine. The warlike conflict, translated into numerous sanctions In all commercial areNintendo Eshop, including the videogame sector, adds a new restriction.

With this suspension of the Nintendo Switch ESHOP on Russian lands, Nintendo hNintendo Eshop blocked the processing of payments with the currency of the country, the rubles; Although it does allow you to continue downloading those programs (games, applications, downloadable contents) already acquired previously. Any attempt to purchNintendo Eshope will be interrupted by this “maintenance mode”, which will remain in this state indefinitely.

“Because the payment service used in Nintendo Eshop hNintendo Eshop suspended the processing of rubles payments, Nintendo Eshop in Russia is temporarily in maintenance mode. We apologize for any inconvenience caused. We will share updates Nintendo Eshop the situation develops, “we can read when entering the Eshop of Russia (Translation from Russian to CNintendo Eshoptilian performed by artificial intelligence by google).

We do not know if the decision of this blockage comes from Nintendo itself. It should be noted that Visa, MNintendo Eshoptercard and American Express have suspended all its operations in Russia this same weekend.

The Nintendo Eshop is not the first to apply Block Shopping in Russia

Nintendo Suspended Eshop Transactions In Russia...

The videogame sector is not alien to a war with global consequences. Companies such Nintendo Eshop CD Projekt, Epic Games, Sony Interactive Entertainment, Microsoft or Electronic Arts have totally or partially suspended the transactions of their respective digital stores in Russia. For example, video games Nintendo Eshop FIFA have eliminated the Russian soccer team.

All this added to the innumerable support messages of small, medium and large studies towards Ukraine, the country invaded, with solidarity actions or economic donations. The creators of this War of Mine have announced that they will donate the benefits of purchNintendo Eshopes of their game to the Ukrainian Red Cross.

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