Blizzcon 2020 officially canceled

While most fans feared the worst, Blizzard officially canceled Blizzcon 2020. Blizzcon joins the ranks of the E3 2020, GDC, Tokyo Games Show, etc. To be canceled due to COVID-19 and developers seek new ways to share these they have prepared for fans. Blizzard has not announced online version of Blizzcon 2020 and the digital replacement they planned will take place at the beginning of next year, effectively canceling 2020 for Blizzard. Blizzard’s Overwatch is in the middle of their anniversary event and the game is now available for Xbox One, PS4, Nintendo Switch and PC.

“A play agreement is probably the last thing that concerns most people right now, and it also worth a lot of us at Blizzard. While events around the world announce cancellations, postponements or passages to an online format in response to COVID-19, we see questions about our projects for this year’s blizzcon, “said an official communiqué of Blizzard. “As many of us are isolated for several weeks now, surrounded and in some cases directly affected by the challenges related to the ongoing pandemic in the world, we look forward to the moment when we can see us again and have some thing to celebrate together. “

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“The health of our community, our employees and all those who contribute to the show is our priority,” continued the Blizzard statement. “It may be necessary for a few months before knowing with certainty if or how we will proceed, but as soon as we have a significant update, we will share it.” We are sad to see the cancellation of Blizzard’s annual celebration, but it was a planned change of events with the current COVID-19 pandemic.

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