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Dirk Nowitzki spent his 21 years in the NBA at Dallas Mavericks, this record could still persist. The German spoke in a podcast over the new superstar era and the numerous forced trades.

NBA players and coaches congratulate Dirk Nowitzki on his career.

“This is definitely new,” Nowitzki said when he was addressed to the numerous superstars forced trades of recent years in the crossover podcast by Si. “At the beginning of my career we had the feeling that players had too little power and the owners could have had too much, so they could control everything.”

Now, according to Novitzki, the leaf has turned, but not only for the good: “It may even be a bit too much. We need a better compensation. Nowadays players enforce their departure, that was not an option for me.”

The highlight was last the trade of the Brooklyn Nets with the Philadelphia 76ers, when James Harden wanted to go away after only 13 months and exchanged against Ben Simmons, who wanted to leave the team with the four years ago.

Alone in the past five years, All-Stars elf trades forced, twice were the harden and Paul George involved. This would not have been an option for Nowitzki. “I was Old School,” said the W├╝rzburg. “I do not want to sit here and condemn people who do that. Everyone needs to know what the best for him and his family is. For me, the Dallas and it worked.”

At the latest after the Championship 2011, Novitzki realized that he would end his career there. Only without title, the 43-year-old would have come to ponder today: “I could have tasted it elsewhere to win this ring. But that would have been the only reason why I would have left Dallas.”

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Novitzki played between 1998 and 2019 for the Mavericks and won the only title of franchise history. Since the success of the Miami Heat, the Texans continue to wait for a series profit, even because they have not been home in the playoffs since then.

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