So go and zoom with bows and arms in elden ring

The use of a bow and arrow or a crossbow in Elden ring may sometimes be difficult to understand the control system. However, it is important to understand the control of such weapons, as they aim for precision shots and can zoom. In this guide we explain how to aim in Elden ring with bows and crossbows and zooms.

The basics of bows and crossbows in Elden ring

To use the bow or crossbow in Elden ring, you must of course equipped the object. And this can be in your left or right hand as a primary or secondary object. If you use a bow, you can not use your secondary weapons such as shields between the attacks, but with the crossbow shields are easier to use something.

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For each of these items you must have also fitted bolts, arrows and large arrows, so you have something to shoot.

Assuming you have everything under control: You can bow, the great arc or crossbow shooting just like any other weapon. You can take a shot either manually aim (which is difficult) or you can fix the target and the shot aims.

How to aim with bow and crossbow

To aim manually, simply press the LB button / L1 button. This causes a cross is displayed, which allows you to align your shots. As this item effectively takes the place of your plate or your second weapon, use this button actually to aim with the bow. On the PC, you simply upgrade the arch with which you want to target, and click the right mouse button to the bow with two hands to use, and then click again with the right mouse button to display the cross-hairs.

And that’s all you need to know about the goals of bows and crossbows in Elden ring. More tips for the game can be found in our section Elden ring guides on AOTF.

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