Puzzle Puzzle Puzzle Puzzle “Patricks Parabox” to March 30th. Infinite mystery deployed in square

PATRICK TREYNOR, a personal creator, announced on March 3, launched the warehouse number puzzle “ Patrick’s Parabox ” on March 30th. Platform is PC (steam / itch.io). This work is compatible with the Japanese UI.

“Patrick’s Parabox” is a puzzle game that interesoves recursion at the warehouse number. Warehouse, is a game that carries a luggage along the foot. Basic rules to push the box at a given position while moving the object up, down, left, and right. In this work, in this work, there is a puzzle in the box to push, or the game field itself can be invaded, or the game field itself is a box, and the Matryoshika stage gimmick is characterized by the Matryoshka. The player operates a box-shaped character and aims for the goal while pushing the box. To push the box to a given position, you need to move the box in the box to move the box in the box…. In this way, it is one thing that this work is explained in sentences. First of all, please see the following trailers.

Well, as you can see, it can be seen that the puzzle exists in the puzzle. At the warehouse number basically, the box is pushed to the end of the area and the box does not move further. In this work, the player can invade the inside of the box by pushing the box that has no move. Another puzzle is developed inside a small box. Even in the box there, even more puzzles exist, and puzzles that use recursive reassigns continue to be developed.

As you proceed with the stage, a twist of recursive structures will increase. For example, a gimmick like a matching mirror is likely to work with stages at start and small boxes. It depends on the inside of the box from the outside, and by leaving it from another place, it is said that it is possible to push the box in a position that can not be pressed normally. In this way, the new gimmicks are increasing every time the stage is advanced, and a complex stage is developed that the brain causes panic. In addition, a total of 350 or more stages are provided in this work, and there is no batch puzzle. How stages will be deployed in the second half of the game? Anyway, a flexible idea is likely to be required.

The creative idea of ​​”Patrick’s Parabox” seems to have high rating overseas. This work won Excellence in Design at IGF Awards 2020, which elects excellent indie games by department. In addition, the indie game festival Indiecade 2019 has won the Indiecade Developers Choice award. It is attracting attention as a expectation.

Patrick's Parabox (Full Demo Playthrough in 5 Minutes)
The development of this work is the individual creator based in California, California, Patrick Treynor. He has been working with the works mainly mainly with puzzles, such as “ClockWork Cat”, “ClockWork Cat”, which manipulates the time, “I Wanna Run THE MARATHON”, “I Wanna Run THE MARATHON”, which manipulates time.. “Patrick’s Parabox” is also a puzzle work, and it is anxious about how to experience the experience so far.

“Patrick’s Parabox” will be released on March 30 for PC (steam / itch.io). This work is compatible with the Japanese UI. In addition, the demo version of this work published according to Steam Next Fest June 2021 is still distributed. It is thought that the attractiveness of this work is intuitively transmitted if you actually play. If you are concerned, check out.

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