2.3 trillion in government,

The government will put $ 2.3 trillion in the year, parts and equipment research and development (R & D).

The Industrial Normal Resources Department opened the “Reinforcement Committee of the 9th Materials, Parts, and Equipment Competitiveness” in the Seoul Office of Seoul, and confirmed this agenda.

In order to realize economic security, the Industrial Department said he would spend two trillion won in R & D.

‘Material Parts Equipment Equipment Equipment Enhancement of competitiveness and special action for supply chain stabilization.

The Industrial Department plans to increase the company to 100 companies by 2024. More than 20 subtitles. Last year, I picked up a total of 21 seconds this year, and a total of 43 companies have been specified.

It is a small company that has a 100 core strategy technology. The Ministry of Industry has made a lot of technology development grants annually 5 billion won per year for five years. Provides empiricality, consultation and personnel to obtain sales by technology. We prefer export voucher and overseas standard certification acquisition and promote overseas base construction.

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The Ministry of Industry is $ 1399 trillion by 2025 on the other company. Semiconductors in the game, Carbon on the Jeonbuk, Chonbuk, Chungbuk, Chungbuk, Chungnam, and the precision mechanical specialization is just in Gyeongnam. Support US $ 99.5 billion to tested 95 billion won and developed technology in R & D for companies. We write 4.8 billion won for training education. Companies that move on a specialization complex can receive regulatory exclusions. Industrial Safety and Health Conduct Process Safety Report (PSM) Reduces the examination period. When investing in mass production facilities, environmental and permit periods are also shortened.

The Industrial Department approved the business of cooperation between demand – supply companies. Next-generation organic light emitting diode (OLED) material, purpose-based vehicle (PBV) material, vehicle transfer autonomous traveling robot optical sensor, component, ceramic ink for curved display, and ceramic ink for curved display. It supports W55bn per month in these businesses. Send public researchers and allow special extensions. Environmental regulations and permissions are rapidly processed. Demand – If a supply company is together, the Industrial Ministry explained that SMEs can raise their capabilities. By 2026, we expect 900 employees to generate 900 employees, and future market preemption.

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