Ubisoft helps his studios in Ukraine

The current war in Ukraine shakes the entire world and does not pass on the game industry without a trace. This not only includes charitable actions, but also direct support for local developer studios. There is also Publisher ubisoft no exception, which maintains a team with Ubisoft Kyiv a team in the Ukrainian capital Kyiv.

Ubisoft helps the team in Ukraine

The Publisher has already begun support before the escalation of the conflict. The focus has always been on the safety of the teams in Ukraine. First of all, recommendations have given to employees to visit them as safe prestigious places. In order to avoid financial bottlenecks and to cushion additional costs, Ubisoft has paid several monthly salaries in advance ** and help help to take over other payments.

_ “Last week, when the unthinkable became reality, Ubisoft has worked on to intensify support and help for colleagues in Ukraine. We have provided alternative dwellings in adjacent countries in which our colleagues together with their families Can find shelter if you wish and be able to always connect closely with all our team members, Ubisoft has set up dedicated hotlines to offer you personalized support and help. We have also built up an emergency communication system Ensure that we can communicate with our colleagues under all conditions. “_

In addition to direct help for the own employees in Ukraine, Ubisoft also donates a total of 200,000 euros to the Red Cross in Ukraine and the “Save the Children” organization. Already at the beginning of the war, numerous studios worldwide has shown solidarically with the Ukrainian people.

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