New Crows Steam NeXT Fest Top of the Test and Public Test Finish

[Data provided: Thumb Age]

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\ – Steam NeXT FEST Popular on popular release game Top recording, positive response

\ – Developed by developing OBT Version Improvement Description, Scene Operation Policy ‘Eye’

\ – User’s favorable striking and combat reproduction

The thumb Age said today (2 days) today (2 days) that the PC Open World Shooting Game has ended the public test.

The publication test was carried out on the steam NeXT Fest from the last 21 days to 28th, and it has recorded the top of the popular release of the popular release and increases expectations for formal launch.

In the last 21 days, there was no skinship operational policy, such as providing a place to live online broadcasting, such as “Crowns” and PM, such as business team leader and PM, such as “Crows> Development to Disclosure Version.

received a favorable attack with a real-sense of attack and combat reproduction, and was f2p and highly appreciated graphics finishes such as console games.

In addition, after the disclosure test, the opinions of participants such as character motion and sound after the disclosure are planned to focus on the overall optimization.

For more information on the game, you can check through the steam homepage .

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