Wow: catalyzed apple pie, Biomelone and more – GUIDE TO BUFONID

Patch 9.2 by WOW stops a variety of new mounts ready to add your collection with some rares, puzzles and special quests – *, for example, the riding deep star polyp, which is over the rare opponent Hirukon * gets. In Zereth Mortis, you certainly have already noticed the NPC Avna in the refuge that asks you daily for various items.

But for what feed and do we actually feed and supply his sweet little wombats every day? Behind the task called The buried bufonid hides a 7-day quest, where you at the end of the mountain of patient bufonide. Below you can see what you need for the seven steps and where you can get the items.

All steps of the quest series “The buried bufonid”

  • Day 1: The buried bufonid \ – collects 15 vesp – honey. Drops with every Vespiden-Mob in Zereth Mortis. (Coordinates: 53/43)
  • Day 2: The buried bufonide \ – collects 30 shadowy ribs. The ribs will receive them from all kinds of wildlife.
  • Day 3: The buried bufonid \ – collects 200 fibroids. Drops usually of humanoids in the Shadowlands.
  • Day 4: The buried bufonide \ – collects 10 Elysic Thade. Do you fish from Shadowlands waters.
  • Day 5: The buried bufonide \ – collects 5 showmeat. Drops of wild animals in Zereth mortis.
  • Day 6: The buried buffonide \ – worried 5 catalyzed apple pie at Mai Toa in Zereth Mortis . (Coordinates: 59/50).
  • Day 7: The buried bufonid \ – worried a biomelon from the fruit seller in Tazavesh, the veiled market directly on the left side before the first opponent pack.

How to get Patient Bufonid Mount Guide WoW
Once you have completed all quests, your collection may add the patient bufonide. Congratulations!

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