Absolutely charming cosplay by Aerith from Final Fantasy 7

While the fans just patiently wait for new information Part 2 of Final Fantasy 7 Remake , several cosplays of the popular figures from the RPG of Square Enix are shared on the Internet. Now was again Aerith in the series, which was brought to life from two artists. However, they have chosen their pictures for different outfits the famous flower seller.

Who is Aerith from Final Fantasy 7?

Cloud meets in the history of the role-playing game for the first time in Midgar on Aerith. It is one of the important figures of the story and accompanies the troop as a playable heroine. She is also the last survivor of the Cetra . This old people had the gift to communicate with the planet Earth. Aerith is therefore interesting for the Shinra Group. Incidentally, her name is also a anagram from “I Earth” \ – to clarify your gift of planetary reading.

Cosplay shows Aerith in the classic outfit

EZCOSPLAY Aerith Cosplay Review (Final Fanatsy 7 Remake) ♡
In the Reddit Forum Denzhy has shared several images of her Aerith Cosplay . She has chosen her shoot for the well-known look of heroine. This is the short red jacket in combination with a dress . Also the famous yellow flower has Denzhy in his hand. A gift for cloud that she gives him in her first encounter in Midgar.

Second cosplay moves the red evening dress in the focus

Somewhat more elegant it will be with the Cosplay of Axilirator . She has decided on her photo shoot for the evening dress by Aerith, which she carries at the casting of Don Corneo . The picture we have also integrated here below.

Other cosplays from the final fantasy universe

Already in the last weeks we presented you different cosplays from the role-playing series. Among them more pictures of Aerith, but also Cosplays of TIFA, which also belongs to the troop in Final Fantasy 7. Most recently, Barret Wallace was also together with TIFA at a cosplay shoot.

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