How to get a weapon DeepSight Resonance in Destiny 2

To get the Deepsighted Resonance Weapon in Destiny 2, you will need to progress in Queen Campaign Witch and complete Activities .

Nevertheless, in addition to the initial Gleb, which we received, we managed to get one of the weapons of deep view by completing the investigation . You can start the quest “Investigation”, finding a banner shown below.

The quest will also open after a conversation with ICOR after you get the first Glef . During the quest, we got our weapon closer towards the end, when three chests revealed. Below is shown where you can find these chests, but you do not need to worry about what you miss them.

If you want to get a Deeppight weapon, just start the quest and go through it to the end. Nevertheless, you will have to fight with a few bosses . Therefore, we recommend taking our best weapons on your trip. You can also get the DeepSight Resonance weapon by performing quests in general and various actions on Trone world of Savatun .

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Summing up, just perform quests, stepmaking dungeons and public events, and ultimately you will get the DeepSight Resonance weapon. Once you get the Deepsighted Resonance weapon, you can increase its level to extract a sample of weapons.

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