Lehendung of FC Bayern also disappoints at Holstein Kiel: The Depth Case of Fiete ARP

Hoch flown, deep: Fiete ARP also comes after his loan change from FC Bayern to Holstein just did not go in. His current coach protects the striker who had once been extremely hyped at HSV, but the numbers speak against him.

Jann-Fiete Arp - Best Goals and Skills for Bayern Munich
On Saturday, Fiete Arp was finally allowed to prove a few minutes on the field. At the stand of 0: 2 from Kiel view, the attacker against the Karlsruhe SC was replaced, but could not change in the final phase but nothing more on the home defeat of the storks.

For ARP it was the first appreciable use in the new year. First, the 22-year-old had thrown a Corona infection out of the railway, then coach Marcel Rapp had no reasons to rebuild a form-strong team at this time. So the former junior national player remained several times over the complete 90 minutes on the bank.

FC Bayern once invested three million euros in ARP

The truth belongs, however, that ARP had not convinced even in the Territory. After two completely disappointing years at Bayern, the idea of ​​his regular club had actually been to give the once highly praised offensive talent near his homeland in a quiet environment game practice. But the native Bad Segeberger did not use his chance.

Only one goal as well as two templates are available after 16 missions in the 2nd Bundesliga, since the beginning of October, ARP is now waiting for a start-up nomination.

A circumstance that can not be satisfied with neither the player himself nor the FC Bayern. After all, three million euros, the record champion in 2019 had transferred to the HSV to bring the winner of the U17-Fritz-Walter medal in gold from 2017 to the Säben Straße – so far no particularly well-laid money.

Kiel coach protects Arp: “You have to see how old is the rent”

In Munich, ARP was almost exclusively for the second team in the 3rd league, his only game for the professionals he made in the DFB Cup against the 1.FC Düren. After the second representation in the Regionalliga descent, all involved was clear that air change has been needed. Kiel appeared like the perfect choice.

Currently, the former wondering is in the striker hierarchy at Holstein, however, far behind. Only in the winter the North Germans in Kwasi Wriedt, Arps former storm partner from Bavaria times, added another competitor.

Coach Rapp does not want to give up his protégé yet. “You have to leave the whole prehistory and see how old is the Fiete. For me, this is not abnormal that a player plays in his age in the 2nd league,” the 42-year-old emphasized in the “picture”. Arp wool “look forward, get better every day,” is also “totally humble” and therefore will “go his way”.

Whether this will be the case with FC Bayern in the future, meanwhile, it is more open than ever. ARPS Working paper at the German industry prime is still valid until 2024.

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