Com2us Holdings, Eternal Sword: Corps War Global Update

Com2us Holdings (CEO) is a collection of collected strategy RPG ‘Eternal Sword: Corps War (English title: Eternal Saga: Region Tactics, “Eternal Saga: Region Tactics,” Eternal Sad “), said on the 22nd that it will conduct a global update.

In this update, a new new hero ‘Indicators’ and heroes can be used to use ‘Soul Weapons’ two kinds of “Soul Weapons”. The first “Indicators”, which is the first to be a beast, the archer’s palace position, which can give a physical damage, including a marker to the enemy in the distance. It is characterized by being a remote additional damage when attacked by a significant beast of a marker.

In addition, with new Soul Weapons, the Heroes ‘Alouis’ and ‘Sophia’ used by ‘Sealed Shanin’ and ‘Lance of the Flash’ are added, respectively, and demonstrate more powerful abilities. In addition, new stages (43 to 49), which can be enjoyed in general / difficult mode in Astania, have been added to give a combat experience full of flask. In accordance with the new stage opening, the maximum level of heroes and soldiers is also extended to the existing 60 to 70.

eternal saga) world raid boss
Memorial updates will spread the rich events. The ‘sprout’ event item in the World Map is available through the ‘Sprout Collection Event’, which is held until the 8th of next month. The sprout item can be exchanged with an item that is useful for gameplay such as ‘Hero Options’, ‘Hero Options’, ‘Hero Soul Weapon Summoner’, ‘Hero’s Unique Supper’. The ‘2nd anniversary event’, which is held from the next month to 31st, allows you to receive a variety of compensation, such as ‘Hero Options’, ‘Hero Sumor’, ‘Legendary Physical Attack Ring’.

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