[Interview] “I am always troubled to enjoy a variety of content,”

“But it Wow inde boryeon fooled again.”

Even in just a month before, but difficult to answer is “Will it be back in the heyday wow ‘questions, these days it is not. Wow I’d said once again placed the hope Blizzard’s move was followed by Bleed acquisition of MS heralded the camp consolidation eopeuni forced to catch the strap.

This is critical feedback has never were many up for the two expansion packs passing through the dark ground. The atmosphere is not good across all the expansion pack was also yireotji deugun days. Internal issues, political correctness seems displaced, to Corona pandemic and belated This patch. Continued negative news led only every day.

Patch 9.2 is a very important and why. Events were many incidents only show a better WoW changed in appearance and lasting improvements to the beauty of geodwoya yujong. Furthermore, over the next expansion pack presents a new vision and to turn the feet of disappointed fans. As it is shown in the Corps after deugun.

In the hope that in many ways WoW can be healthy saenggyeotgi, Wowtory Steve for nyujeo (Steve Danuser), Morgan Day (Morgan Day) content and system questions in the interview are omitted, and change in the future, focusing on changes in the direction of WoW the asked for.

Q. Very glad tidings to the camp consolidation as one user. It is considered as the best judgment made by the line does not lose the identity of WoW. I think that much was internally troubled many, I wonder, the background and the process of integration to determine the camps.

Morgan Day: Camp integration is talking out over the last few years. More important is getting to a higher level content scaling between a user were to decide to provide more opportunities in this area.

Steve nyujeo for: shared many stories about the camps belonging what happens in a game is in progress. Because it was a story on the agreement between the two sides together yirwojyeotgo figure for the dark earth unfolds has determined that now is the right time.

Q. Reid’s long breathing MMORPG, WoW is the most successful game led to large-scale popularization of such collaboration play. But while the tempo and breathing short game is a variety of performances, breathing long gameplay it does not match the trend these days. In that sense, it was constantly pointed out that WoW does not fit the trend these days, would not have improved on the line does not lose the identity of WoW as a unified camp.

Morgan Day: It is an interesting question. One of the strengths of WoW is the seat of the large pool, if somebody norineunga the WFK a new raid enjoy the unfolding environment itself, such as pet War. This differs from the direction of enjoying each user. So when you create a game, and I think all the user spends a lot of nerve. Make sure that the content appeals to users of any type, any user that has always worried about what if neglected, or that can be introduced which allows the user to enjoy a lot of content to do this for all users.

Q. WoW is one of the authentic representatives of MMORPG games, but play time is required would not be directed to haekaen slash. For example, Gasthof Tor will log your diet, as well as for crack-like to turn the Diablo 3, fast-paced monster massacre form yeotdamyeon many fans Tor Straw is headed to release stress.

Morgan Day: I can say that in addition to the previous answer. Gasthof Tor also really a lot of talk ohgatda among developers. That the time of the user more or less, to get some experience within a given time if I want to have a lot of trouble. There is a new system much less in the know as an illustration of the teeth, learn a new language has been created to embellish the founder or perform a variety of quests and exploration to obtain a new currency, or can find a collection of pets, mounts. In particular, there is a lot of additional vehicles, the experience meaningful in its own pace, regardless of the amount of time and will also continue to enhance the progress.

Q. The biggest reason was South Korea WOW Classic (original) to succeed in dwaetgi because you do not write a lot of time on the main character. In other words, it has time to develop a variety of secondary characters was enough. These sub-black wings in Phase 3 days weekend effect nests laid recruitment ads at the same time would have been about 120 dogs. Except for the challenges in the form of achievements, and mitigate this type of system slow down content consumption, like reputation and admission conditions, account sharing is expanding and more diverse it (多) character development this would not form an ideal actively induced.

Steve nyujeo for: 9.1.5 also had a lot of trouble. I think a lot of convenience for raising the secondary characters were added to the system and a variety of features so you can actually put (Reid and keystone). Listening to community feedback, listen with respect.

The less one has to know the characters in the teeth add more devices such as play all the content of the following auxiliary character gets additional features or equipment. I talked to developers and many stories, was to provide the parts could after one expansion pack came out after a certain amount of time has passed from the beginning. Instead of waiting had a lot of trouble in order to be able to enjoy comfortably.

Morgan Day: 9.1.5 and secondary characters catch system developers have changed significantly idea. Said a philosophical. These changes will have a significant impact on all of the updates, the future development direction. Many changes will be applied at 9.2 and made it easier to psychological pressure that you do not need to be repeated.

Q. Lotta their feedback would you like to see the fans and highlight improvements like integrated camp moves through several expansions, including the end of the 9.2 0 won there any feedback that is feasible through future updates (expansion, etc.)?

Morgan Day: tier sets are a lot of feedback was requested on continue to get through the community. Unlike the aesthetic part of the criminal you will be able to see the less know Thijs colorful set gets added into the aesthetics of the founders did not set much limited jobs are to be found in. In addition, it is possible to obtain a set of tiers in PvP, quests, and keystone.

Q. As Illidan Sargeras volunteered for this surveillance, I guess a lot of expectation also drawn similar to Sylvanas role. The point of concern is the loss of a major character. In addition to the character that resulted in Warcraft Tirion fold ring, Would not created in WoW do not like Lynn Bari and need meaning, and even as Anduin character grow with a user granted?

Steve vs. nyujeo: A glimpse of the opportunity to introduce a new character every expansion. I think it’s an important story characters like Sylvanas was still in progress on the existing, but to meet the new being in the know Tees Les introduce different characters and important part of even brought out a story.

Q. Has said he hopes this hope (to Steve for nyujeo) dark ground before launch, the expansion pack to the story of the dark land on the basis of lessons learned from the battle of Azeroth imagine the future, leading the cool speculation. 9.2 In retrospect, was it a satisfactory before directing? In addition users will wonder what I hope you finish your epic land of darkness.

And it satisfied. In this end time, ahead of the final battle nwatda planted a variety of tips and ideas that user will be a lot of trouble. There are many stories contained in such journals pirim. Cosmology, it can look like for the presence of the founder of the universe is made of. Can look to the past events in a new light, it will be a lot of thinking what will happen. Now I can not say right now, whether the response is to know how the various hints hidden in the tooth development will be known later.

Q. MS acquisition and integration camp news gave the cause of faith and hope that WoW fans in South Korea to be more healthy. I can jeonhaejul news of another faith and hope in the line to the current public?

Steve nyujeo for: A hard to say more about the MS acquisition, as well as camps in 9.2.5 Integration is a fun range of content is ready. This reaction is wonder. I hope a lot of feedback.

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