Dying Light 2: Juan ask for help, threaten Juan or convince Juan?

In Dying Light 2 Juan is a slippery supply snake of a man with whom they have to do business, and his first conversation will have several ways when trying to force him. If you are “Welcome on board” on the main story quest, you will be confronted with a lot of choices and interlocutors. After confronting Jack, who says they both have the common enemy, Waltz, the right hand of the butcher. If you agree, it goes on to talk to Juan.

After you have tracked Juan to get more information about the main task, you will be prompted from 3 options as you can continue with the conversation. “Please Juan for help”, “Drohe Juan” or “Complete Juan”. Therefore, a player can be worried about which choice he should continue to continue, as Juan has an intimidating presence and it is not clear what choice brings you what you want.

Many of the quests in Dying Light 2 are so full of these conversation options, so let’s go through what makes you of Juan’s conversations:

Please Juan for help

Juan is a smart man, and although they are trying to disguise their question by asking for help with lamps, he is smart and swapped it. He will ask you if you really need the lamps or if Jack needs them, what Aiden brings to stumble over his words. Juan will then feel your uncertainty and start flirting with you, suggesting that you are busy. If this is your first choice, it does not prevent this from trying one of the other conversations.

Juan threaten

Juan can not be intimidated at all, not because of his own strength, but because of his position in society. He begins to list all services and deliveries he provides the large fractions. He knows that he is too useful and powerful to be threatened. He renounces her threat and asks her, “Try it again, man, and do not improvise this time.” Here, too, both conversation opportunities appear again.

Juan convince

Threaten Juan vs Ask Juan for help Dying Light 2

Big surprise! Also this conversation will not convince Juan. The attempt to convince him that they are capable of being useful to him, just frustrated Juan. Whether this is your first or last choice, he will end the talks here. Once you have exhausted all the possibilities, your search is finished because there is no way to please for the time being.

According to these conversations, Juan’s interest is certainly awakened to them, but his story continues a little later. At some point he will sit down to you and inquire more about these lights you need for Jack. At this point, Juan offers them a drink as a sign of friendship, accepts the drink or rejects it at its sole discretion, depending on who you want to help.

Just knew that these talks are better to dip and how to perceive AIDEN, although it will somehow punk regardless of the choice.

Dying light 2 is currently available on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X | S.

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