Blair Witch: How to use bullet

Even if Blair Witch is a horror game, you do not have to go al1. You have your faithful bullet side-kick with you all the time. It is a loyal German shepherd who follows your orders and assists you in your forest explorations. It is also your wake up in the morning to point out that there is a danger and your faithful companion. Here’s how you can use Bullet maximum while playing Blair Witch.

How to use bullet in Blair Witch

Elis Leaves Bullet Behind - Blair Witch Game

it does not have a health bar

You do not need to treat bullet as a traditional companion in a video game. He does not have a health bar and he can not die. It works the same way as a tool from your tool belt that you can use freely without fear of losing it. It’s an ideal companion who can take care of himself. So, every time you are in danger, you have to focus on yourself, not on it.

Listen to it and observe its body language

Bullet is a companion of trust who knows the good of evil. As such, he wants to ensure your safety and will notify you as soon as they get closer to you. When bullet begins to bark or notice that his body language changes to adopt a particular posture, you want to consider it. Because of its acute sense, it will have a greater amount of information.

Use your orders

You want to use the available commands when you call it to your advantage. You should have five available. Before you can use one of them, you must call. To call bullet in your position, for the mouse and keyboard, you want to press “C”, while those who use a controller must press the LB button.

When Bullet has the attention and he is in front of you, look at it. You then want to hold down the “C” or LB key to display the different options at your disposal. You are going to have:

  • To look for
  • Reprimand
  • Pet (praise)
  • Close
  • Remains close

These commands are essential for using bullet. As you go through the game, your choices as to how you treat with him will count. For example, how to congratulate and reprimand it, depending on its actions.

it helps you stay healthy

When you think of you, you may not be able to distinguish the reality of the supernatural madness that is happening around you. The main character, Ellis, will begin to feel alone in loneliness while in dangerous situations, far from people. Bullet is his only link with the outside world and will affect the aggravation of the situation. To help strengthen Ellis’s mental health, you can call him bullet and make him Pet Bullet, which makes things a little better. It will not solve the situation, but bullet helps Ellis keep track and go all the way.

Power Ball

Bullet has a lot of weight to wear on the shoulders being the companion of Ellis as they both fight against the witch. As such, it deserves good treatment. As you play the game, you will discover treats around the forest that you can give to bullet to be a good boy. When you find them, you can access it from your inventory to give them to bullet. He certainly deserves it!

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