The King of Fighters XV Review: Much action distributed on a few modes

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The big fighting game brands like Street Fighter, Tekken or Mortal Combat know most, but what about the King of Fighters?

Only those who had the necessary change in 1994 was able to play one of the best fighting games of his time. A Neo Geo Plus The King of Fighters had cost more than 1000 D marks. Fortunately, fortunately, Gamers can look forward to almost all platforms. A success that now goes to the 15th round.

At the same way, the King Fighters XV does not reinstate the wheel and that is probably exactly what fans are looking forward to the series. I myself have been a fan of the King of Fighters myself since the PlayStation 2 era, but only semi-good in this genre. The new part in 2022 does not always forgive me, especially if it is quite crisp in places.

The tournament starts

In contrast to the modern representatives such as Street Fighter or Mortal Kombat, The King Fighters XV offers only a minimal minor and haunting story. The story mode is quasi an arcade mode in which you have to fight through several stages with one team from three counterparties. The whole thing is blended with beautiful cinematics that do not streak with anime exaggeration. So once again the tournament King of Fighters takes place while other strange things happen by the way.

What Kof has always been unique, the Climax is at the end of the “King of Fighter” tournament with the very cool boss struggles and The King of Fighters XV skin here properly on the plaster with a very horny final fight that almost one Controller cost.

Big rust with balancing problems

A total of 39 fighters are available. This number does not come from about, as there are always in King of Fighters official three-team teams, with which you can unlock special Cinematics in Story mode. It’s nice that the roster has something for all fans to offer. Among other things, the Orochi team returns from Kof ’97. But also favorites like Terry Bogard or Mai Shiranui are of the game. With ILSA and Dolores, the Roster, etc., is rounded off with new characters, which suggested something out. Twelve more fighters should follow as DLC.

The variety of characters falls to the balancing. Since the legendary The King of Fighters ’98 Ultimate Match Final Edition, the series has to listen to anywhere that SNK has problems with balancing. Also in Kof XV you often encounter limits that would not have to be. If you have several rounds of his opponents without further adolidation, a fighter, e.g. only attacks out of the squat. At first something frustrating, but here too you can find yourself after a while training. In addition, the difficulty level can be adapted in the menu without penalties for trophies and achievements.

One-button struggles with smaller innovations

Veterans will quickly come back to the relatively simple combat system. But here the game was further simplified in terms of newcomers and gamers who are no genre professionals. Combos can already be performed with simple button input sequence without the stick or the digipad need to be tortured. Purists may have their problems here, but also classic KOF players do not have to be afraid to waste their hard-developed skills. Nevertheless, the game becomes much more accessible. The topic Accessibility also takes more attention in the Fighting Genre.

New are the Shatter Strikes, which in turn will play veterans in the hands. For more detailed frame detection, special attacks can be performed in the middle of the opponent’s animation that cancel the opponent’s special attacks. This is likely to worry about much dynamic in heated fighting between professionals.

bouncing boobs and high resolution

You can quite argue whether The King of Fighters had his flowering time in pixel graphics. Even if in Part XV does not occur the most detailed models, the title impresses with a wonderful color palette and sharp look. The latter equal in duplicate, because the Jiggle-Physics return to return and SNK can not be taken to drive direct camera rides on the shaky breasts. Whether this is still necessary in 2022 is sometimes the way. Without it maybe no King of Fighter.

The resolution is also very fluid in 4k on PS5 and Xbox Series X / S. This can not be reported by the PC version. Here, however, it should be done soon. The different stages, on the other hand, do not fall down the chin load, convince nonetheless with many small details from the SNK universe, which can conjure up a smile on the face. Among other things, I was very happy about the many hidden Easter Eggs in the Metal Slugstage.

Conclusion: otherwise not much substance

However, the range of modes is very sparse in the end. In addition to the story mode, you can still complete a tran-mode and fight in the game type VERSUS against friends or computer counterparties. Online, players always expect a better net code compared to its predecessor. This promises several hours of fun. In addition, The King of Fighters XV offers its own DJ stations, which can be unlocked over time. Fans is at least a lot to unlock.

SNK is a worthy successor with The King of Fighters XV, which acts like an improved version of its predecessor. With the best radian since the nineties and better accessibility for newcomers, the title could also drive more towards mainstream. With the DLC roadmap and many online options, the title will probably be able to entertain long.

The King of Fighters XV


Strong radian

Liquid gameplay

Hidden SNK allusions

Easy accessible

The King of Fighters XV Review


Hardly solo modes

Inspect balacing problems

4/5 stars

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