The Sims 4: EA shifts the new DLC – for good reason

After EA and Maxis have excluded a publication of the new gameplay pack my wedding stories in Russia, there is now a turnaround. In an open letter, contact the Sims community again and announce why the DLC is moved spontaneously.

Update from 17 February:

The Sims 4: My wedding stories is late

Actually, the new gameplay pack should appear for SIMS 4 on February 17. An important decision on the part of EA now leads to it that you can acquire it on February 23 .

In advance, EA explained in a letter to the community that the new DLC will not appear in Russia . Background was the law applicable there on “homosexual propaganda”. Since my wedding stories is queer-friendly and inclusive – at the center of the pack is a lesbian couple – would have to be made to the content so that it can appear there.

But as EA and Maxis now announce in an update, that’s probably not the case. After the community criticized the initial decision , the publisher came to the conclusion that just where the representation of lifestyles are suppressed, they are needed most (source: Electronic Arts).

EA and Maxis, according to their own statement, tested their options again and now decide that they will publish the new pack unchanged in Russia .

So that the entire SIMS community can celebrate the new gameplay pack together – including Russia – the publication is postponed to the 23rd of February.

Original message:

New Sims DLC: EA decides against sale in Russia

In an open letter, the SIMS team turned to the players and explains why the new Gameplay pack for the SIMS 4 will not appear in Russia (Source: Electronic Arts).

For those who know the announcement trailer to the new DLC, it should be clear that EA and developer Maxis want to celebrate the love in all kinds and ways – such as homosexual couples.

Apparently, this presentation leads to problems in Russia. Because how the team writes in the letter, would have to be made to the content , so that the extension in Russia could be distributed.

However, since this would run against the values ​​representing EA and Maxi and again and again to the SIMS 4, players are completely dispensed with my wedding stories in Russia .

Why is this DLC a problem in Russia?


Basically, the Sims 4 in Russia is classified as a Ü18 game and may therefore be purchased only by adults. The law on “Homosexual Propaganda”, which came into force in 2013 (Source: Human Rights Watch).

This represents any positive statement about homosexuality from minors or media under punishment – as well as video games. In the basic game, same-sex romantic interactions have always been a game component, therefore the declaration for adults .

The current DLC focuses its focus very much on the diverse celebration and live out of love and also shows this clearly in its presentation. That’s probably too much of the good for Russia. EA has no interest in moving this focus and thus its values ​​for the Russian market due to the strict law and remains steadfast.

The company writes, for example:

_ “The ability to tell stories – and stories of all kinds – is the core of the Sims. Not to tell the story of Cam and Cathedral, would tell our values ​​we live. Everyone should have the freedom to be who he is to love who he wants to love and tell the stories he wants to tell. “_

The Sims 4 recently contributed to inclusion by introducing pronouns into the game: _

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