Strategic Team Battle, 6.5 Set Neon Night Update

Two games based on League of League of Riot Games’ Strategic Team Combat (Teamfight Tactics, Legends of Runeterra, Legends of Runeterra, LORDS “and New Expansion Packs I launched it.

EVERYTHING you NEED to know about Set 6.5 Neon Nights ft. Silco & Renata | TFT - Teamfight Tactics

The TFT has released the mid-6-set “Neon Lights’ on the past 16 days. This update made by TFT’s largest champion replacement was applied with 12.4 patches.

In ‘Night of Neon’, 20 new champions, three new champion characteristics, new enhancement of 80 new champions, new machinery and device Ⅱ pass, little legend, new myhuity kid legend, which is a new myhuity kid legend, You can see the dark warriors’. In addition, the first feature of Riom Games <Arcane: Season 1 “appears with unstable mixtures. For more information on TFT and 6.5 sets of mid-updates, see the TFT official website.

LOR launches ‘Magic Misadventures’, a third expansion pack of set 5. New Extension Packs ‘The Journey’ is the final expansion pack of the Van, who is one of the souvenirs of the souvenirs, which are one of the souvenirs from the adventure of Ava Ava, the enthusiasm.

The ‘quit journey’ includes ‘closeness’ and ‘dignity’, including four new keywords and 48 collection cards. As a ‘close compulsory’, you can adhere to other friends and grant them to other additional effects as well as your own abilities and keywords. The units with the ‘dignity’ keyword change the mart from force to the force instead of the attack power, so it must be maximized to ensure that the strength is not feasible and the fittings are not feasible.

In addition, this expansion pack can meet four new champion ‘Nar’, ‘Yumi’, ‘Galo’, ‘Uyidir’. ‘Nar’ is a champion that can come to the first level through the first transformation, and ‘Yumi’ adds a new level of fun in the game with a unique supported champion. ‘Uyidir’ is a prele yeode to change the tax by the power of wild speech and imparts a strong effect on themselves. The protector ‘Galolio’ of Dematian is not high, but it is not high, but it grants additional stamina to the friend, and the new keyword is ‘dignity’, the new keyword is the most important, and the physical strength is replaced with attack power.

Arcade combat events are also available to Arcade and Intermediate Boss Skin, and event passes and new PVE (Player Versus Environment, Player Versus Environment). When you purchase and complete a premium path, you will wait for a fight against the enhanced supervised Bay to AI. When the battle is completed, the ending king bay that can be used in the game can acquire the skin.

More details on the new extension pack can be found on the LOR Official website.

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