TFT Set 6.5: Mutant Assassin Composition Guide

It is already time to relearn with neon on the night, the 6.5 set of TeamFight Tactics. The mid-set extension for gadgets in madness that brings a lot of mechanics, and a horde of champions that must be controlled. You feel lost in front of this task? Do not panic, we have prepared guides for you to easily take charge of the compos. And here is that of the composition mutant assassins for the TFT set 6.5. What are the champions to recover in priority? What objects covet with carousel? Who are your carrys? All the info you need to play the Compo well in the lines that follow.

Then update: 16/02/2022, patch 12.04

TFT SET 6.5 Mutant Assassins Composition Information

Everything You Need To Know About Set 6.5!

Positioning Champions on the tray


When going on mutant assassins composition?

You need three conditions to make this viable compo. In the first place, quickly find Cho’gath to make him stack his PV as soon as possible. Then we obviously seek objects for the main carry – Kha’zix – either effective. But above all, the mutant bonus must make sense. The cybernetic buff or the Omnivamp are not very sexy, on the contrary of execution.



Mutants earn unique bonuses. They are different to each part.


Innée: At the beginning of the fight, the assassins jump towards the enemy back line. The murderers’ skills can inflict critical shots, and they earn critical blow chances and critical blow bonus damage.
_ (2) + 10% Critical Chances, + 2_ 0 % Critical Damage
(4) + 30% Critical Chances, + 40% Critical Damage
(6) + 50% Critical Chances, + 60% Critical Damage


All Allies get a PV bonus. Fighters earn double the bonus.
_ (2) 125 PV
(4) 225 _PV
(6) 400 PV
(8) 700 PV


The attackers earn bonus attack damage.
_ (2) + 30 AD
(4) + 65 AD
(6) + 110 AD_


At the beginning of the fight, a number of incomplete components of the ferraler champions is transformed into full object the time of the fight. In addition, the rail champions won a shield that increases for each object equipped in your army.
_ (2) 1 incomplete component, 20 PV
(4) 3 incomplete components, 35 PV
(6) All incomplete components. 60 pv_

start of part

Priority Objects

How to play the composition?

• Your main carry is Kha’Zix , with the huge first bulwark that Cho’gath represents **. That’s why we look more on the assassins.

• If you can not quickly find a Cho’gath 2, it will never happen to Stack and will quickly be exceeded by the pace of the game. In this case do not head, and go to something else.

• The build can adapt according to the mutant buff. Omnivampirism or the reduction of the cost of spells pleases in Malzahar.

• Insert a second colossus to have fun with Cho’gath may be tempting. But in this case do not be late level experience, and remove Irelia or Ekko. And it will no longer be very murdered.

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