TFT SET 6.5: La Composition Yo RD LES for Guide

It is already time to relearn with neon on the night, the 6.5 set of TeamFight Tactics. The mid-set extension for gadgets in madness that brings a lot of mechanics, and a horde of champions that must be controlled. You feel lost in front of this task? Do not panic, we have prepared guides for you to easily take charge of the compos. And here is that of the composition Yordles for the TFT set 6.5. What are the champions to recover in priority? What objects covet with carousel? Who are your carrys? All the info you need to play the Compo well in the lines that follow.

Then update: 16/02/2022, patch 12.04

Information on the Yordles of the TFT Set 6.5 Set 6.5

Positioning Champions on the tray

Everything You Need To Know About Set 6.5!


When starting on Yordles composition?

The answer is not too complicated. You are looking to abuse Yordles and have them before others if they are disputed. Obviously, if you are proposed as an all riquiqui_, difficult to resist them.



_ (3) After a fight against a player, a very free yordle appears on your bench
(6) The costs in Mana of Yordles are reduced by 25%._


Allies have a power bonus.
_ (2) Your team wins 20% power
(4) Your team wins 20% power, arcanists 40%
(6) Your team wins 50% power, arcanists 50%
(8) Your team earns 145% power_


At the beginning of the fight, a number of incomplete components of the ferraler champions is transformed into full object the time of the fight. In addition, the rail champions won a shield that increases for each object equipped in your army.
_ (2) 1 incomplete component, 20 PV
(4) 3 incomplete components, 35 PV
(6) All incomplete components. 60 pv_


The stars point to the spotlight on a point of the battlefield. The unit that stands under the lights of the projectors at the beginning of the fight gains unique bonuses.
_ (1) 15% Additional damage
(2) 3 Mana per second
(3) 30% omnivampirism_
_ (5) All bonuses are doubled_

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Priority Objects

How to play the composition?

• The composition has not changed much compared to Set 6. when their bonus is active, you earn a Yordle after each PVP fight. But above all, once all the yordles have gone to 3 stars, you get a Veigar instead. Your goal will be a roll of your interests at each turn to find all 3 stars, and then add a veigar to the composition.

• But there are still some differences to note. In the first place a new carry in the presence of Corki . But also the fact that Gnar is a star, which will ask you to adapt your positioning according to the box of the projectors. Try to always have vex or cork on it.

• If you can not have everything in 3 stars, or if the Yords are extremely disputed, do not head. Transform to something else, using your best Yordle (Vex or Corki).

• On the options side, you have two main choices. Replace Blitzcrank by Lucian To go on a remedy optics, or by Braum to have a better line.

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