NCsoft “Thron and Liberty (TL), not Lineage IP”

NCsoft ‘Throne and Liberty (Throne and Liberty, Throne and Freedom)’ is not a Lineage IP, but it was confirmed to be a new IP, not a new IP.

Through the ‘Project TL’, ‘Tsuron & Liberty’ was released on the 15th, NCsoft Conference Call, which was officially released. In the meantime, ‘Project TL’ was estimated to be a next-generation lineage game, and ‘The Lineage’ was assumed. “The project TL is’ Tsuron Ann Liberty,” said NCsoft Hongwon Joon Joon said,

‘Tsuron & Liberty (hereinafter referred to as “Lineage Eternal” is known to be previously known. For this reason, TL also seemed to utilize Lineage IP. In NCCEN Soft Director Cut in NHO, 2017, Choi Munmun Young Captain said, “It was a new project based on the feedback from the CBT of Lineage Eternal,” he said, “said,” The development direction itself is a completely new game. “

“We are in developing next-generation MMORPG ‘project TL’ in succession of Lineage IP,” and “We are developing a next-generation MMORPG project TL” inherited by Lineage IP. ” NCsoft is a new IP development that can lead to Lineage IP, not leisure Lineage IP, not to use Lineage IP, not to use Lineage IP.

If you summarize, NCsoft has developed a new IP ‘TL’ using the ‘Lineage Eternal’ development source. ‘TL’ has been in the early days of the development, but it was confirmed to be a completely new IP development direction, except for Lineage IP from a particular point in time.

‘Tsuron & Liberty’ is scheduled to release the world in the second half of this year. The strategy to enhance the business models, platforms, and content for NCsoft’s Western Western strategy was applied to ‘TL’. According to NCsoft, TL is full 3D MMORPG. You can enjoy on the PC and the console, and you are an authentic MMORPG with depth. It is a narrative featuring immersive sense. 12 languages ​​are being developed.


NCsoft is likely to adopt a Multi Universe Worldview in Tsuron and Liberty. New IP ‘project E’ released on the 14th of NCsoft was planned as a work that shares ‘TL’ and world view. The ‘Project E’ is characterized by a background for our shipbuilding era. In the video, the concept of ‘Kim Sun-kyung’, ‘Sword’, Gad, and ‘Joseon Dynasty’ Concept in the video. The ‘Project E’ is known to be a new world view that NCsoft makes the Joseon Dynasty motif. NCsoft creates an IP that shares a multi-universe worldview and connects “Tsuron and Liberty” and “Project E” to each other.

“Throne & Liberty is developing as a new IP,” said NCsoft officials.

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