GTA 5 could come accompanied by a gift next to its launch in the NEXT consoles

A few days ago, during the quarterly report of Take-Two , we provide an update on GTA 5 sales and GTA Trilogy: Remastered Definitive Edition and, despite a wobbling and criticized launch of trilogy, the latter He sold very well.

With no less than 160 million sales of GTA 5 and more than 10 million GTA Trilogy, Rockstar Games is more than ever in good shape and things are not going to stop there since next March, the players of PS5 and Xbox Series will finally discover or rediscover GTA 5 and GTA Online, which will then become an independent game . For the occasion, it seems that the study has decided to please your community by offering something: this famous trilogy.

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GTA TRILOGY FREE when buying GTA 5 in the next generation?

The information comes from a very famous insider in the middle of Grand Theft Auto, Tezfunz2 . According to him, Steam’s database has suffered a rather intriguing update with adding an application that is related to GTA Trilogy . According to him, “muy could be the independent online GTA, which suggests that Rockstar could give us GTA Trilogy as a reward for buying GTA 5“.

At the moment, no affirmation by Rockstar Games, but it would not be surprising an operation as well from the study to further promote its sales.

In addition, we remind you that GTA 5 and GTA Online will be available at PS5 and Xbox Series as of March 15 . GTA Online will become, as we told you a little higher, in an independent game and will be available for free for 3 months after its launch for PS5 players. After which, the sum of 20 euros should pay.

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