WhatsApp no longer free? Popular function could soon cost money

For Android users, it could soon make changes to WhatsApp. Google should be to blame.

Dortmund – 58 million Germans are supposed to apply the app according to Messengespeople daily for free – at least until now. Because soon could be charged for some users. Consumers would have to pay for the securing chat curves.

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Chat backups from WhatsApp soon chargeable: Why the app for Android can soon be expensive

After consumers recently become a new update for more security at WhatsApp, there are bad news for some of them. So far, all users were able to store their chats unlimited without paying anything.

According to the hna, however, this could change soon, because it was found in a beta version of the app, which is exactly the prediction. According to information, however, only Android users (more service news at Google).

However, the developer of the app, which instead worry about new photo and video functions for WhatsApp. Responsible for the charitable innovation should be Google.

Until now, consumers were able to store their chats unlimited with Google Drive, because the messages were not credited to the available 15 gigabits. That’s exactly what the technology company wants to change according to Wabetainfo information.

WhatsApp Chat Backups: The new settings for Google Drive and follow for Android users

The so-called source code of the beta variant suggests whatsapp backups will be credited to the limited 15GB memory in the future. As soon as the space is full, Android users are probably forced to sort out old backups, or to pay for further storage space.

For some, however, this dramatic step should not be a surprise. Only recently Google has repealed the unlimited storage space for the Google Photos service.

Backups of WhatsApp Costs: Google should plan fast implementation – Betaquellen code provides information

When exactly the time has come, and whether the company actually sets a limit for free chat backups, but is not fixed yet. Due to the beta source code, however, it is speculated that it can not take a long time until the implementation takes place. Android users must continue to be borne until then.

When the time has come, affected people would receive a notification as soon as the memory of Google Drive is “almost full” or “full”. Then consumers would have to make the choice between the costs incurred and deleting already stored content at the latest.

According to mer * WhatsApp is the most popular communication service of the Germans, but whether the costs incurred will continue to be seen. _ * Mercury is like Google part of the editorial network from the editorial network.Media._

Category list picture: © Gerald Matzka / DPA; Collage: Google

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