“Cerutente” Manufactured by Peace Prize “Battlefield Valkyria 4” Chattered Temptation-“Death Merchant” Nobel [Watch the World in Game # 20]

War and science and technology can not be disconnected, and technology is largely developing to be a military research during war time. Budgets and materials are also inserted as compared to the flat day, and even know that they are killed, many researchers fascinating their environment have left their history in various ways. Temporal technology will later support people’s life, and if the poison is in the poison, we can also live with the benefits of war even in terms of war.

“Valkyria 4” is also drawn indirectly about war and science, and Layyli mirror studies grenade guns is a model of Alfred Nobel, known for dynamite development. It is a person who created a Nobel award that delivered the person who developed the property of Dynamite, and was created a Nobel award that delivered the person developed in science and technology, but in the existence “Death’s merchant”, most of its huge assets is the military as a weapon It was due to the sales of Dynamite donored.

Nobel’s father was in the inventor and had a poor lives in Stockholm, but made a good luck with a mirror development, and the Nobel also sent a yearly life blessed in Russia. The company was wet with the provision of the Crimea War, but after the end of the war, the demand is lost, and the Nobel returned to the Stockholm again starts explosive research as well as his father.

Nobel was focused on nitroglycerin just invented in 1846. Nitroglycerin produces a strong explosion, but there is a property of ignition even if a slight impact is. After that, the success rate of the ignition is low, and it was a very difficult substitute that it does not explode when it is desired to explode, and it was a very difficult substantivity.

Nobel has improved two points of “reliable ignition” and “safety” using diatomaceous earth, and succeeded in commercialization as a dynamite. But in the middle, the factory has caused an explosion accident and the factory is overwhelmed and his younger brother dies his brother.

In 1867, when Alfred completes Dynamite at 34 years old, we have spread from being dramatically streamlined the bombing work of civil engineering work. In each country, the factory will be expanded. Nothing in 1870 has started the National Current War between Prussian France. Then, Dynamite is diverted as a bomb and will be purchased and used by the participating countries. Nobel has accelerated the production of dynamite after aware of being used in the battlefield.

Nobel was also working on the improvement of gunpowder with Dynamite. Since the gunpowder was a so-called black gun, whitening was out every time the bullet was launched, so the surroundings had a drawback that the surroundings were covered with smoke and closed. Development of explosive “Valistite” that reduces white smoke, this improves the tints of guns. He also invented the former ancestor of plastic explosives “Zerigonite”.

Dynamite and weapon development, Nobel’s private property finally reached about 25 billion yen, converted to the current value. Nobel seems to have been involved in the military demand, with the unforeseen condition, as the war will not cause the war, if each country has no fighting weapons. He accelerates the war in order to finish the war quickly. It will wait for now in Japan, but the people under battle will look like “hope”. While it believes in justice, it will be replaced with madness anytime. “Battle Val 4” Lagenite, Valkyria research, has no actual history such as nuclear weapons. It is after standing in a place where you can not go backwards anymore.

The opportunity to regret that Nobel was that his faith was put in the newspaper with his misplacement. So he was expressed as a “death merchant”, and I saw it without showing my performance really. He thought that he was contributing to ending the war quickly, but he was aware that he was buying a lot of jealousy and shocked.

The property that has gained by the war of the war should be used for studies that really help people. The Nobel Award was established to give most private credits to the Nobel Foundation’s funding source, and to give a prize to those who left business results. A peace prize exists separately from the Scientific Sector is that it is a compensation for the war. There was also a criticism of the victim benefits to the financial source, and the Bernard show initially rejected the Literature Award.

The Nobel Prize winning of about 100 million yen per person is contributed by the Foundation’s asset management. It is not possible that the profit of the “Death Merchant” is a fund. The number of products in our familiar products are full of things from military technology if you follow the majority. How don’t you think about how to accept and use such a darkness of such science and technology?

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