The internal code of Destruction AllStars points to it will become Free-to

The publication of the Patch 3.0.1 of Destruction AllStars has brought an error in the challenges of the home screen that aimed at the title can be converted sooner than late in a free-to-play.

After a period of inactivity for the implementation of this update, users realized that, by mistake, in the missions that appear in the main menu, the real name could not be read, but the one that corresponds to the internal code of the game. The user of Reddit Mr_weewoo has published a Post with the capture that you can see under these lines, where you can see how some of these challenges contain the prefix “F2P” (generally used to refer to free-to-play), in cases like «BS_F2P_CHALLENGE_SLAM_FWD» or «BS_F2P_CHALLENGE_PERFORM_A_GOLD_SKILL».

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The study indicated that this update would present “a quite important amount of changes”, as some adjustments in the balance of the title that “will change the way they all play.”

It should be remembered that Destruction Allstars was presented as one of Sony’s first exclusive for PlayStation 5, from Lucid Games’ hand (previously in charge of the new Twisted Metal). Although initially planned to depart at a price of € 79.99 (the same figure wants to settle as standard in the AAA FIRST Party of PS5), a decision that reconsidered and then launch it as one of February PlayStation Plus Games last year. Of course, for those who want to have it on property was published in the Store for a price of € 19.99 in its base version.

However, it seems clear that it was not too well, since three months after the launch they had to use bots to fill the items in hours with little activity.

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