Sony talks about the reports of toxic culture inside Bungie

Last year, several reports arose, noting that within Bungie there was a highly toxic work environment, to the point that an expressionada resigned due to harassment he suffered in the company. These accusations seem to have calmed down in recent months, but now that the study has become owned by PlayStation , Sony assured that these reports and accusations will be taking with as much seriousness.

Jim Ryan, CEO of Sie, and Pete Parsons, CEO of Bungie , recently talked about all these reports of toxic labor culture. For its part, Ryan said the following:

“This is an area that Sony is taken with incredible seriousness. We have extremely high standards throughout the organization, and with the businesses with which we associate. This is something extremely sensitive to me, even since the conversations began. I am impressed, and I do not feel anything more than pride for the way Bungie is organized and behaves. There are many things that Sony can learn from Bungie. “

Investigative Report Exposes Toxic Work Culture At Destiny 2 Dev Studio Bungie

On the other hand, we also have the statements of parsons :

“We have been incredibly transparent with each other about the challenges we face. We are a company 30 years ago, and we continue learning, building and growing. I am extremely proud of what we are doing to create an inclusive atmosphere for every1. And we will continue doing it. We lack a lot to learn and build. And I think we can learn a lot from Sony. “

Both executives agree that there is still a lot to do within bungie for improving the work environment, and hopefully with the leadership of Sony , Bungie can leave behind that past and generate A safe and inclusive environment for all workers.

Editor’s note: It is unfortunate that this kind of thing continue to go out to light, and although the situation is not as serious as in Activision Blizzard, it is definitely not something that should be happening first. We will see the type of impact that Sony’s purchase has, but I trust that it will be for good.

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