The Batman in stream: When can we the new DC

Not only comic lovers are waiting for this film: The Batman is called the upcoming film with the iconic dark avenger from the DC comics, which will be seen after a few shifts from 3 March 2022 in German cinemas . But who has no buck on a cinema room and other spectators, will not have to be comfortable so much. Because only a short time after the theatrical release The Batman will be available in the stream.

When is the batman in stream?

The Studio Warner has revealed the streaming start of The Batman (Buy Now): From 18 April 2022 there is the film as a “premium video-on-demand” . So you can expect a price similar to Mulan or Raya, which is higher than a cinematic ticket – but of course, due to various factors can be worthwhile. For example, if several people see the movie together. Or you want to look the movie directly a second time. The own couch in the familiar four walls is of course a bonus for some film fans.

THE BATMAN - Preview - Beerdigungsszene Deutsch German (2022)

What is the Batman?

In the new Batman film by director Matt Reeves (also staged the new “planet of the monkeys” trilogy) Robert Pattinson slips into the role of Bruce Wayne, who is still at the beginning of his journey as a dark avenger. This is how it is an unfamiliar interpretation of the comic character, with an antihelden that is completely denied by retaliation and loses itself in this equal drug rush. Meanwhile, the public Persona – Bruce Wayne – a nerd and anything but a Aalglatter Playboy. Who makes such a batman, who comes with other Batman films at his expense.

By the way: This comic is a great preparation for The Batman

Who plays everything in the batman?

The cruel Riddler (Paul Dano) is the antagonist of the film. He reminds more about a serial killer in Trailers to the Batman, as we know him from David Finchers thrillers like “Zodiac” or the celebrated “seven” than a comic villain. In addition, the penguin will occur, played by not recovering Colin Farrell , while Catwoman ( ZoĆ« Kravitz ) also appears in appearance. Batman is also supported by “normal” figures like the Commissioner Jim Gordon ( Jeffrey Wright ), but also Bruce Waynes Butler Alfred ( Andy Serkis , with the director Matt Reeves already worked a lot for planet of monkeys has).

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