Star Wars 1313: New video shows the missed “Boba Fat”

If you want to see Boba fat in action, currently accesses the series The Book of Boba Fat on Disney +. Fans could have even hatched Star Wars 1313 in the matured project. A new video shows what could have been, but not.

Star Wars 1313: You could have played Boba fat

Kartelle, Bounty Hunter and the Underworld of the Star Wars Universe, a setting that has previously only picked up the series so. Be it now The Clone Wars, The Mandalorian or The Book of Boba Fett, the gloomy side of Star Wars has also offered a lot of potential without the Sith. Why there is no video game?

Fans remember (some painful) Star Wars 1313 . The game should turn around bounty hunters and criminal machinations on the city map Coruscant. The third-person shooter should actually find the protagonists in a hitherto unknown character, as you can see in the then trailer at He Gamescom 2012:

The main character was quickly replaced by the prominent Boba fat . Star Wars 1313 was planned as a singleplayer game for a rather adult audience, after the purchase of Lucasarts by Disney, however, the project was set. In addition to shooter elements, the gameplay should also be aligned on Parkour.

Star Wars: 1313 - Unseen Boba Fett Gameplay

with boba fat through the underworld corusants

Such a parkour insert is now visible in a new gameplay video . Of course, what you see there is by far no finished game, but it shows what Star Wars could have been 1313. In the video you can first watch how the well-known bounty hunter runs through a busy alley in the lower city. After that, follows a chase, in the above all the parkour elements are well to be seen.

The video gives at least one impression to the gloomy mood and also shows which direction the gameplay had developed. As Boba fat by the streets of Coruscants’s underworld criminal to hunt, it sounded for many fans after a promising adventure. In things Star Wars and video games you have to stay up to date with EA. The publisher recently announced three new Star Wars games in production.


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