Analiste suggests that Bungie was “a panic purchase” by Sony

The recent acquisition of bungie by Sony has given much to talk about, and of course, this will also have repercussions within the long-term industry. At the moment, a well-known analyst believes that the Japanese firm paid too much by Bungie , and even considers that it was a kind of “panic purchase”.

Michael Pachter, A NALISTA DE WEDBUSH Securities , says that Sony only bought Bungie to reiterate the community that they can also buy studies:

“I think Sony said, ‘We can also, we will not be left behind. So we’ll buy Bungie. ‘

Just for comparison, EA bought Respawn for $ 700 million for three or four years ago, and then they had 400 developers. They generated $ 700 million income per year. Bungie generates about $ 200 million, so I think Sony paid too much. “

Of course, Pachter is only analyzing all this from a financial point of view, without considering which could be the plans of Sony long-term.

“I think this is the sony shape of showing that Microsoft is not ahead of them, and they bought what was despair. Actually, all this agreement does not make me any sense. “

It was definitely an agreement out of the ordinary, and surely that they would spend a few years before we can understand why Sony did what he did, but the idea that this has been a “panic purchase” It certainly sounds like something very crazy.

Here’s Why Sony “Vastly Overpaid” For Bungie…
Editor’s note: I think Sony will look for Bungie to help you create more of these games as a service that in recent years have become very fashionable. The Japanese giant will surely want to expand its catalog of games, but it is still very soon as to make this type of predictions.

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