LOL: The definitive of comp with Jinx that surprised even the commentators of the

The LEC is being one of the most viewed competitions throughout the region, being Rogue the main team to beat the entire league . With a 9-0 in its scoreboard and without still having a rival to height, the Polish team has closed the one-way phase over high with the first victory against G2 Esports since its appearance by the European League in 2019. Thus, they break with a curse before the ninjas that it seemed that it was never going to end up and proclaiming as the best team of the old continent to date.

Get Jinxed (ft. Djerv) | Official Music Video - League of Legends

And not only won the ocelot, but razed with them with a spectacular game and leaving plays for the memory as the one you will see below. It was comp , current rogue shooter who has the mission of occupying the emptiness left Hans Sama, the manager to show one of the best plays of what we have been seasoned.

The play was located in the upper lane, with a Rogue that was very energetic thanks to the rushes they made over the first 15 minutes of the game. However, if you realize, Jinx was out of combat for a previous play and was Akshan the manager to revive her by eliminating Flakked who was the one who murdered COMP. That is why he would revive before time and could appear suddenly in combat. While Jinx Appeared Rogue won the group fight, although CAPS survived little by the fray.

It is here when the definitive appeared launched by comp from the base of him, , making the death of Twisted Fate be announced seconds before he knew. Thus, the super deadly megacohete would reach the magician of the letters, dying on the act and leaving us one of the best moves of the team since the arrival of him to the rogues.

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