Krypto: Tikok-Star is intended to wash bitcoins worth $ 4.6 billion

User not only high dances and lip syncs are high on Tiktok, but also give advice in various areas, for example in the area of ​​money and finance. One of the Financial Toteoker is Heather Morgan. It was now arrested for money laundering of $ 4.6 billion. According to the Department of Justice of the United States (DOJ), Heather Morgan and her husband Ilya Lichtenstein had obtained a bitcoin assets after a hacker has access to the Hong Kong Krypto Nutrition Exchange Bitfinex and performed a series of transactions.

After the crypto feed was landed in Lichtenstein’s digital wallet, the officials, which two had worked for five years, washed 119,754 bitcoin for five years . A court order allowed officials to gain access to Lichtenstein’s online files and the Krypto Wallet keys containing the stolen crypto feed. The officials have recovered 3.6 billion dollars now , which were stolen during the hack.

The Ministry of Justice said that the couple has used revenues for the purchase of gold and NFTs, but the DOJ does not reveal which NFTs acquired the couple. The couple is accused of having washed the money, but it is important to know that it is not charged because of the hack itself. It is unclear whether a single person or a large group is behind the theft.

So much to the financial rap career

On Tiktok and YouTube, Heather Morgan describes as “Serial Entrepreneur & SaaS Investor. Writer, Rapper & Artist with Synesthesia”. She has uploaded some rap videos. Your rap catalog and your YouTube videos consist of hits like “Female Tech CEO Shuts Down Creeps”. Some of the videos have been deleted, but have been uploaded to other accounts.

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The couple was charged with the conspiracy for money laundering and complexity for fraud to the United States. The indictment is a maximum penalty of 20 or 5 years in prison . The Financial Rap Career of the Tiktok Star, which gave financial advice, is first on ice.

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