[Hyeongpyeong] Vampire Surviveness, why are this popular?

Recently, there is a game that starts between Youtivers and Streams, and gradually expands the awareness among the general gamers. ‘Vampire Surviviz’ is a simple dot graphics, as a top view shooter game, it does not look so special. When I first saw it, “Why is this?” The play is also a simple content that avoids monsters for 30 minutes, and it is not ready for existing games and differentiated content.

But what was the “Vampire Surva Biz” to be a popular game for more than 22,000 overwhelming positive evaluation of steam evaluation. I want to say that if I was short and long, I would like to say that it is a game that I have shown faithful to a hungry game if I was short and long if I was short and long enough to evaluate this game that I was going to be short during the holiday period.

Most of the games that are popular and proud of their long-awaited time, include most of the development systems. It is the driving force of the game play that the character is strong. Therefore, one of the most important points in the growth game should be able to fulfill the growth of the character into the whole body. For example, the monsters who had been tired of 10 levels were to be able to catch the boss that could be held easily at 15 levels, or the boss that hunt bossed alone.

However, this growth factor is a direct connection with the consumption of the content, so most of the mid- to long-term plans are adjusted to adjust the growth balance. This is also a console single game that includes an RPG element as well as an online game. On the other hand, as the level of level design is stronger as the character is strong, the peripheral monster is also strong, so it is difficult to experience the fact that I was truly stronger than I thought.

On the other hand, ‘Vampire Surviviz’ is a game that is limited to 30 minutes from the beginning. If you only survive to the end, you can start with one level and you can go through only the level. The enemies also become stronger by 30 minutes, but basically, we are basically a piece of joints. As time passes, the monster that appears as fast as a rapidly growing character and infinite, can feel the feeling that the character becomes stronger as the character becomes stronger. The taste that wins the monster to fill the screen while filling the screen, and the taste that sweeps it at a time is dot graphic, even if it is a dot graphic and catharsis.

The overall gameplay is also focused on minimizing the intervention of control and focusing on the cultivation of the character. The player can manipulate only the character, and the projector is randomly fired in most cases, except for a particular equipment that can adjust the direction. In other words, because the operation was minimized, the control skills are good or bad, or the game play is not a tremendous impact. No matter how good the control is good, it is impossible to avoid all of the enemy that the infinity is done.

The most important factor in the game is the most important factor, I put several devices. First, the character can select one of the equipment that appears in the randomly level up to mount or enhance it. The equipment is divided into an auxiliary equipment that raises attack equipment and abilities, and a maximum of 12 devices can be mounted. In addition, the equipment can be strengthened up to eight steps, and if you own specific equipment, it is also possible to make it more powerful through a combination. You have to raise the level of certain equipment and have the equipment and characters that you have, so you can challenge the new build.

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The number of equipment that can be obtained is determined and the growth is also limited, so it has been defined, but it is not much butthe to the amount of enemies. Unconditionally, I can not grow as desired by the loglite growth method, so I think that I think about the optimal fostering method in accordance with the situation. Easy and easy operation, it is a driving force that can continue to play interest in lowering the barriers to the entry barrier and continue to play deep in the fostering.

Whole Pyeongpyeong, you can enjoy a concentrated fun in a short time, so you can enjoy a kiling time. The price is about 3,300 won, so it was a cup of coffee, and there is not a moment to play a lot of users in a short time and did not have a moment to evaluate and evaluate. If you want to simply try to experience short, it is not too bad to try the Demo web version on the official website of the developer.

However, ‘Vampire Survibers’ have a big mountain to be over to go to a commercial game beyond fanmade games. If you are a fan of the Devil Series series, you will know at once, but ‘Vampire Survivers’ is a game that traces some sprites of the evil series. If you are a simple fanmade game, it will not be a big problem, but it is a commercial game for sale at the steam, so this tracing can be made of a problem of copyright assistance. I am currently developing a new window with a premier access, and I want developers to recognize this part of this part and want to have originality of ‘Vampire Survibers’.

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