FIFA 22. Totw: Equipment of week 20, from February 2 to 9, 2022

After recovering from the Surf of FIFA Year Equipment 22 it is more or less normal than the new letters in form of the totw knows us a little. After the inflection point that supposes the distribution of several of the best letters of the mode Ultimate Team we are more demanding with our signings and at this point the one who most has a fight team. And, despite this, it becomes inevitable to look with sweet eyes the new improved letters of Mané and di María .

team of the week 20 came to the envelopes of FIFA star mode and with it a very powerful front trio led by a SADIO Mané that looks at the correctness of Looney Tunes from the rear view Attribute of 95 in acceleration. By far, the best baking menu. Of course, The PSG continues to have a fixed square in the weekly combined with a di Maria to which, for the occasion, advance and place between the forwards as extremely right.

In any case, The new team of the week is quite unbalanced with several charts of the initial 11 that fail to reach 80 in relation to the valuations. Of course, it never comes wrong to have Totw players for the challenges of template creation. In any case, EA Sports already advances the arrival of Future Stars , the next great game of the game, locating us for Friday at 7:00 p.m. (Spanish time).

As every week, at LIFEOXTRA We have gathered and broken down all the cards in form of the initial 11 of Totw20, so that you can see their respective skill details and each attribute. And just a little below you will find all the cards, including the substitutes and reservations in the same image.

For its part, the 23 new letters in form of team of the week 20 of FIFA 22 will be available in the envelopes until January 9 and, from then on, you can perform these signings passing by The market of transfers.

Mané Totw (EI) with a 91 average

Toko Ekambi Totw (DC) with average of 84

di María Totw (ED) with average of 88

allery Jahanbakhsh totw (MI) with average of 79

Frei Totw (MCD) with average of 79

Otávio Totw (MD) with average of 84

Adekugbe Totw (Li) with average of 76

Torres Totw (DFC) with average of 76

Álvaro Totw Mejero (LD) with a half of 78

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Borna Barišić Totw (Li) with average of 81

Ryan Totw (Por) with average of 84

All the cards of the team of FIFA 22 week, including substitutes and reservations

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