FIFA 22: TOTW 21 moves a popular Bundesliga

When is the TOTW 21? The TOTW 21 has been live considering that 19:00 on Wednesday, 09 February 2022, in Ultimate Team live.

The strong TOTW cards are fairly rare, but additionally bring even more coins on the transfer market. On top of that, you can get the cards as a red Champs version from the Weekend break League Reward.

What is the Totw? The Group of the Week (TOTW) appears regularly on Wednesday as well as brings new unique cards right into play. In inquiry, gamers who have played highly in the real world – they obtain an “notify card” with enhanced worths.

DASFIFA 22 TOTW 21 appears today, on the 09th of February and also brings once more notify cards for solid players. That is this moment, we will certainly show you below.

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The TOTW 21 in FIFA 22 is live and changes Headliners Zakaria

The total TOTW 21:

Zakaria is listed after upgrading at “Piemonte Calcio”, the FIFA version of Juventus – and thus in the series A, no much longer in the Bundesliga. Anyone who has actually progressively prepared his Bundesliga team for Zakaria will certainly need to be established to a chemical loss.

A strong card for zero coins in the Bundesliga so, nevertheless, you can not market profitably on the transfer market.

This modifications at Zakaria: Denis Zakaria additionally has a headliner card that is incredibly popular with Bundesliga group gamers. Not just has excellent values, however you can get them regarding tasks for Lau.

  • TW: Sergio Herrera (82 ).
  • RAV: Guilbert (84 ).
  • ZOM: Sensi (83 ).
  • St: Livaja (84 ).
  • RF: Pablo Sarabia (83 ).
  • ST: Giroud (82 ).
  • IV: Djilobodji (79 ).
  • ZM: Hatete (77 ).
  • St: Kvilitaia (79 ).
  • ST: Glatzel (77 ).
  • ST: Eckert Ayensa (77 ).

The problem: Zakaria is altering to Juventus Turin. With the brand-new TOTW card and also the updating upgrade for the headliners version, the club now changes to simply this card. Formally, the description of the headliners products at EA sporting activities is one case:.

Financial institution: .

However Koulibaly is not the only headliner in the Totw.

When a headliner player is transforming or obtained throughout the season, it remains with his previous club until it either receives an upgrade or his brand-new club (after the moment of the change) a club winery achieved. Right now, the Headliner product is upgraded with the new club of the player.

Headliners explanation at gamer adjustment (using EA SPORTS).

These are the cards in Totw 21: The most effective card in the new group of the Week has received Manuel new, whose complete worth increases to 91. Behind it are Jordi Alba from FC Barcelona (87) and Koulibaly (87 ), where owners of the Headliners card is welcomed by an additional upgrade.

DASFIFA 22 TOTW 21 shows up today, on the 09th of February and also brings once again inform cards for strong gamers. What is the Totw? The Team of the Week (TOTW) shows up on a regular basis on Wednesday and also brings brand-new special cards right into play. When is the TOTW 21? ** The TOTW 21 has been online since 19:00 on Wednesday, 09 February 2022, in Ultimate Group live.

  • TW: New (91 )
  • LV: Jordi Alba (87 )
  • IV: Koulibaly (87 )
  • IV: Tah (84 – Included Totw gamer).
  • ZM: Luis Alberto (87 ).
  • ZOM: Talisca (86 ).
  • ZM: Zakaria (85 ).
  • ZM: Danilo Pereira (84 ).
  • RF: Marco Asensio (84 ).
  • ST: Milik (84 ).
  • ST: √únal (84 ).

In enhancement to the TOTW, you can obtain presently Future Stars cards in FIFA 22. Additionally, Future Stars Tokens in Fut, which you can trade for rewards. Where exactly you discover the symbols, we reveal you below.

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