Dying Light 2: New update is coming

Techland prepares a new update for Dying Light 2. Through the short message service Twitter, the developers share with additional hotfixes already launched last weekend to improve the gaming experience. By mid-this week at the latest, the XBox and PlayStation versions should also be updated. The concrete patch notes are not available so far, but a view of the expected changes and innovations. Among other things, developers want to tackle problems around the reported stability issues in server connections. In addition, the patch includes optimizations for connection disconnections in Koop lots.

What is in the new patch?

From the preview of the new Dying Light 2 updates for PlayStation and XBOX, the developers are also providing additional fixes for possible crash causes. In addition, there are individual visual adjustments, balancing improvements and performance optimizations. Especially on PS5, the update should create disturbing screen flickers out of the world.

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What are the developers still work?

An outlook on coming patches also provides Techland. To work on fixing individual story blockers, additional video settings (including Motion Blur) and the ability to enable English language output if the local language is not in English. The Update Plans for Dying Light 2 can be found on Twitter. Techland wants to support the zombie action for at least the next five years. Beginogen tips on Dying Light 2 we keep ready in our guide.

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07.02.2022 at 09:00

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