Star Wars Gameplay filters 1313 with Boba Fett by looking and you will cry because it was canceled

Boba Fett is very fashionable for his Disney + series, and the universe Star Wars is always, especially now that it has all kinds of audiovisual productions. And there is the spinner of Star Wars 1313 , the video game developed by Lucasarts that was finally canceled for pain of our heart.

Now, through The Vault has appeared on the Network a Gameplay never before seen from Star Wars 1313 with Boba Fett as a protagonist. You can see it next and, the truth, is that I had a pint of scandal. We are crying because we will never see it.

The game was in the prototyped phase, but we can see the hunters wandering through a premise, and then an ** persecution of scenarios that were still in the development phase is initiated. But enough to be able to get an idea of ​​the intensity that this particular scene was going to have and the video game in general.

Star Wars: 1313 - Unseen Boba Fett Gameplay

In case you do not know what we are talking about, Star Wars 1313 was going to be a third party action game that I was going to follow the story of a hunter in the level 1313, an underground metropolis inside the planet Coruscate, while trying to discover the truth that surrounds a criminal conspiracy.

The story promised maturity that, until that moment, we had rarely seen in the Games of Star Wars. At the head of the script was Amy Henning , known for being the writer of the first three Uncharted or the Saga Soul Reader.

Now, we will have to settle for continuing to see Boba Fett on TV.

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