Attack on Titan was the most popular series of 2021

During the last years, the anime has become a form of entertainment that can rival any traditional production. Last year, Demon Slayer: Eugen Train became one of the most talquillary films worldwide. Now, it has been revealed that Attack on Titan was the most popular production for 2021.

According to a report of the global audience demand analysis firm, attack on titan was the most demanded series of 2021, both in general terms, and in the category of the anime. In this way, the adaptation of ZAPPA exceeded shows such as The Walking Dead, SpongeBob, American Horror Story and more.

This should not be a big surprise. Since the first season, the adaptation of the work of Anime Okayama captivated millions of spectators, and convinced more than one person to give an anime a chance . Last year we saw the launch of the first part of the last season, which became one of the most anticipated events of all 2021.

Currently, the second part of the last season of attack on titan is already in transmission, which has also caused a great commission, both in the anime groups, and in the most traditional entertainment sphere . On related topics, two classic Pokémon characters return to anime. Similarly, fans are not happy with the most recent episode of Demon Slayer.

Editor’s note:

Without a doubt, it is very nice to see that attack on titan achieved being recognized in this way. The end of the anime has been one of the most expected events by the fans, and it is very likely that the last episodes manage to break a hearing record and break the Internet.

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