Roll full chat, I came back

The full chat has returned to .

On January 20, Riot Games released a 12.2 patch notes for . The new champion ‘Jerry’ is updated through this patch, and the random U.R.F mode was added with the festival. In addition, the entire chat function that has been deactivated in the 11.24 patches has been returned again, and the entire chat is available in the pre-mode excluding the current ranking game where the patch is applied.


Last December 8, Rico Games said it is reviewing the entire chat in a mode excluding the rank game according to user feedback. According to the survey results in this patch note, 78% of respondents answered that they want to use full chat in modes other than ranking games. This seems to have been reintroduced to all chats.

Riot Games disable the entire chat through the 11.21 patches in October and will be discussed with the impact on the game on the game, scoring, penalty ratios, surveys and direct feedback. A full chat is resurrected in a mode excluding ranking in three months as a user request.

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