Fortnite dinosaurs

The latest update, fourteen days v19.10 arrived today and there are many great new arrivals like the new Combos dinosaur. The Combos in Fortnite are a friendly beast that will help you here. Here you will find everything you need to know about Combos.

The latest Fortnite Update brings the return of Tilted Towers, one of the original landing places from Fortnite in Chapter 1, which was always hot, and the game brought a lot of fame. If you held the new weather updates crazy, you will experience something special with the latest Fortnite update. For the latest Fortnite information, stay up to date with Attack of the Fanboy.

Where can I find Combos in Fortnite?

Combos, the cuddly dinosaur can still be found in Fortnite normally in two places. Northwest of the Daily Bugle and northwest of Tilted Towers you will probably find clubs that run around. Although these two places are the best places to find Combos, it is best to rise in a vehicle and drive to the areas of the map with plenty of space, as Combos does not spawn in small towns or places.

Can you ride Combos?

Unfortunately, Combos is an animal that can not be ridden. You are still useful. If you climb up at his cock and drove it to his blowing hole, you can be thrown into the sky, which gives you a nice broadcast time to escape a fight.

The Combos is a submissive creature that only attacks you when provoked. Of course, when you shoot on a combos, it will be angry and reacted. The combos will be red before rage and pounding over the battlefield and add damage to those who stand in the way. It will also shoot lava from his blowhole when it’s angry, so what’s up.

How to feed Combos in Fortnite


Combos loves to eat, so it’s a good idea to feed it. In the nearby bushes of a region, in which Combos occur, you will find climbers. Throw them on a combos, and you get a great prey.

You can also feed COMBOS with other food such as Wolves or wild boar meat, but that does not bring you as much prey as a robbery. Make sure you browse these bushes and feed the beast to use the Colombo.

Fourteen days is now available on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X | S, Nintendo Switch and mobile devices.

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