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Imaginary buddies (also called pretend good friends, invisible pals or fabricated good friends) are an emotional and also social sensation where a friendship or various other social partnership occurs in the imagination rather than physical fact.
They might appear actual to their designers, children normally comprehend that their imaginary close friends are not real. The initial studies concentrating on imaginary good friends are believed to have been carried out during the 1890s. There is little study regarding the concept of imaginary friends in youngster’s creative imaginations.

Headland is a game based in an imaginary world with many islands to visit and secret paths to discover. The gameplay and the scenario are not too ambitious and stimulating for players, which allows you to really enjoy the adventure and action game without too many obstacles. Although it seems to be marketed with the youngest, Headland’s attraction is not limited to children. It can offer the same entertainment to adolescents and adults. It’s a simple game that does not require a high level of skill or attention. Its many fun and unexpected secrets and dialogues are enough for players to remain engaged in the hero’s trip for a good time.

Headland speaks of a young hero named Nor and his quest to save Headland by rebuilding the imagination core. It’s a colorful adventure from top to bottom with many cute characters. Some are unnecessary enough and do nothing, while others are relatively useful with their advice. Earn resources, earn Exp, improve your weapons and equipment and explore at your leisure.

You handle a sword in an imaginary country where less what else can happen. There are moments of violence, but think it is like a hack and slash with caricature monsters and sound effects. There are also creatures that Nor will fight, and die in combat will result in a random amount of lost resources. Fortunately, it means that death is not the end, and you are free to go where you want at any time.

Explore an imaginary world

The landscapes are intelligently designed for you rarely wondering where to go then. It is almost impossible to get lost. Even if you are lost, the monsters do not reappear once you have defeated them, so you are free to walk in the area without being attacked. Unfortunately, there are areas of glitches where NOR can remain blocked. Adjust the angle of the camera and get it out of the rut is a useful trick.

The more you go to the map, the more difficult the locations. It’s also a good way to understand if your character is at a level where he can succeed in the current quest. If it is mastered by enemies, it is a signal to go back and improve weapons or to gain more experience. There is a good balance between work and reward because we can not continue to advance without working hard for that. Although the monsters do not reappear once you leave the screen, they reappear once you leave the island, and you come back. They also stay in the same area and capabilities are unchanged, so it’s a great way to easily win experience points.


Repetitive Replay

What distinguishes Headland is the colorful and young energy in addition to the simple scenario it follows. Each location on the map does not take long, maybe about five to 10 minutes on average, so you never feel like it’s going to drag your feet to accomplish something. There are many landscapes and types of animals encountered with the aim of keeping the new experience. After several quests, the monsters you fight will follow a similar attack scheme, only that they are stronger plus the levels are difficult.

Headland encourages exploration. Several zones contain secrets that can be difficult to find during the first (and second) part. There are mysterious boxes covered around all the islands, and Headland keeps a trace of if you have found them all. This adds to the replaceable nature of each location because you could find something you would not have thought of looking for the first time. However, you could find it repetitive because every location requires you to do almost exactly the same thing every time.

A quick and easy game to navigate, there’s never a moment of boredom in Headland. Levels do not take eternity to erase. Rewards are not impossible to win, and death and failure are forgiven. Headland has a simple intrigue with an intrepid protagonist. It offers fast battles without requiring players to think deeply to their actions and choices. Although it does not have a memorable story, Headland offers more than a momentary pleasure with potential adventurers.

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