YouTube: The video that gives parents nightmares has reached 10 billion views

On June 18, 2016, a YouTube Channel named Pinking invited a children’s song with animation, which many parents still drives in the madness. The Baby Shark Dance has since been copied to dozens of times, the original has recently cracked the mark of 10 billion calls and thus overtakes a similar annoying summer hit ( Despite by Luis Ponzi and Daddy Yankee).

Since November 2020, Despite had the 1st of the YouTube views. In addition to the popular Baby Shark Challenge, where you are filming yourself while dancing, the song stopped in the Billboard Top 100 Charts for 20 weeks. Since the song has gained viral popularity in children around the world, he inspired a Nickelodeon cartoon series, a special on Netflix, worldwide merchandising and much more.


A touch of Gangnam Style

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Over 10 billion views show that there are significantly more electronic devices that videos can play as people on this planet. Although Baby Shark is the first video that has reached 10 billion views, but it was not the first to enter the club of billions of calls.

In December 2012, Gangnam Style was the first video, which only reached a billion calls for five months after uploading. Since then, nearly 100 videos have risen into the club of billions of calls, where are a majority of popular music videos . While it is likely that another viral song will be included in this club in the future, but it would be a surprise if he would surpass the iconic milestone of Baby Shark.

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